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Resurfaced video of CS Ababu's unique bedroom setup sparks curiosity

Namwamba explains the unique design of the master bedroom in his Budalangi house.

Sports CS Ababu Namwamba

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba set tongues wagging when a video showcasing his exquisite Budalangi mansion made its rounds online.

Namwamba, who owns mansions in both Nairobi and Busia, offered an explanation for a specific design choice for his sleeping quarters.

A version of the video reposted by influencer Brian Mbunde showcased Namwamba's bedroom featured a mahogany bed adorned with polka-dotted bedcovers, elegantly positioned on one side of the room.


Notably, the room was also designed with a glass-encased bathroom in clear view, an unconventional practice for houses in Kenya, thus garnering significant attention from viewers.

In the video, Namwamba explained that he embraces a free-spirited lifestyle, clarifying that the absence of a wall between his bedroom and the bathroom is a deliberate choice.

“No wall separates the main bedroom area from the toilet or closet. Ideally, you would have a wall separating the area.

"This is a new concept and reflects my style of life. I live free, and when in my bedroom, I want to feel free," Ababu said.


Ababu Namwamba's luxurious Karen abode commands an expansive parcel of land within the verdant suburb, a favoured enclave for politicians.

Enveloped by the serenity of its surroundings, the residence is cocooned by an immaculately landscaped garden, a canvas for familial playtime, as the Sports CS engages in football matches and exercises with his children.

The mansion's grandeur is accentuated by a distinctive red-tiled roof, evoking the stately demeanor often associated with governmental or diplomatic residences.


Amidst this, Namwamba's elegant white estate boasts two stories, characterised by generous balconies on the upper level, inviting moments of contemplation.

An evergreen hedge envelops the mansion, acting as a natural boundary that melds aesthetics with seclusion, further fortified by a vigilant electric fence, a guardian against unwelcome intrusion.

A meticulously paved cabro driveway ushers guests from the entrance gate towards the imposing structure, defined by its expansive windows that bridge the boundary between indoors and the world beyond.

Amidst the tapestry of his life's journey, Ababu Namwamba's story finds resonance in not one, but two exceptional homes.


One, nestled in the heart of Budalangi where his political journey began, and the other, an elegant mansion in Port Victoria, stand as testament to his achievements.

In Port Victoria, where the lake's waters whisper tales of time, Namwamba's mansion echoes the elegance of his Karen residence.

Dressed in a regal coat of white with brown roofing tiles, the building exudes a sense of unity, a connection between distant abodes.


Perched graciously along the fringes of Lake Victoria, his upcountry haven presents an unblemished view of the horizon where water meets sky and hills punctuate the landscape.

Drawing sustenance from the lake's embrace, the compound's evergreen allure flourishes, sustained by the very essence of the waters.

Here, a tranquil pond shares its waters with geese, enhancing the tranquil aura. A verdant lawn, stretched before the house, doubles as a helipad, an intersection of practicality and luxury.

The compound reveals more than what meets the eye. A grand pagoda, its makuti roof a testament to traditional aesthetics, stands on the shore.


A haven for introspection, it crafts a unique space where one can unwind against the backdrop of the lake's soothing whispers.

A treasure trove of vessels graces the beach, a collection including boats and, notably, a speedboat capable of hosting 10 souls.

With palm trees dancing to the wind's rhythm, the beach embodies a tropical haven, a getaway within reach.


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