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Netizens react to family fashion statement in Governor's photo with Ruto

The president was hosted by Barasa's family at their home in Harambee, Matungulu Sub-county

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa and his family pose for a photo with President William Ruto

Netizens have been buzzing with reactions to a recent photograph featuring Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa's family alongside President William Ruto during the President's visit to the Western region.

President Ruto took a moment to take a moment with the Kakamega first family's home in Harambee, Matungu Sub-county.

The photo included the governor, his wife, Prof Janet Kassily Barasa, and their three children.

However, it was not the presidential visit itself that stole the spotlight; it was the family's choice of fashion that set tongues wagging.


Governor Barasa was spotted wearing a Kaunda suit, while his wife, Prof Janet Kassily Barasa, donned an elegant Ankara top and dress. Their children also sported Ankara outfits.

The fashion choice, particularly the governor's attire and the Ankara outfits ignited a flurry of comments from netizens.

Some argued that the governor's clothing, seen by some as simple and unpretentious, reflected a humble lifestyle despite his high-ranking status.


Others, on the contrary, applauded the family's fashion choices, stating that they were championing the work of local tailors in Kakamega County.

There were other users who felt the governor's family wardrobe choices could have been done better.

Below are some of the reactions :


Dr. King'ori Kuna hii picha ya President Ruto, Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa and his family. Hapo kwa looku waliamua buy Kakamega build Kakamega! This is how all government officials wanafaa and their families wanafaa kudress

Elias Ndung'u Waluhya na Kitenge, if living a humble life was a person, Barasa would be the man..... whoever dresses them should be told mambo ni ngapi?...

Ramesh Saxen Fernandes Barasa is taking this Ruto Kaunda suit challenge seriously

Max Governor FCPA Fernandes Barasa OGW is a typical Luhya stingy man. Anapiga watoto vitenge za 700 na viatu za mtumba mwenyewe anakula kaunda suit ya 1800 faster faster.

Ramesh Saxena If you have a problem with how Gov. Fernandes Barasa and his family dressed up to meet President Ruto, you're one of the problems ailing Afrika!


Baba Zahra When Fernandes Barasa heard Mambo no Matatu. He opted to go the KAUNDA SUIT


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