Common mistakes to avoid when making pancakes

For fluffy and yummy pancakes

pancakes(The Aperiodical)

Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast or even snacking before main meals?

They are yummy but only when prepared skillfully. Good thing is that the skills are something anyone willing to learn can acquire. Of course, you will perfect the art with practice.

Well, you could already know how to make pancakes but you probably don’t get the desired results. Worry not though. After reading this article, you shall be empowered to make the sweetest and fluffiest pancakes ever. Just be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

1. Over stirring the batter

We love it smooth and without any lumps. But honestly, you don’t have to make the batter that perfect so long as there are traces of flour. The more you stir, the more gluten develops in the batter. This makes the pancakes chewy instead of soft and fluffy.

2. Not letting it rest

Be patient with your batter. Let it sit for at least 5-30 minutes to allow the gluten to relax so that you can get that fluffy effect.

3. Too much heat

Unless you are making some burnt offering, the heat should be moderate. Much heat does not cook the pancakes faster. Instead, it makes them burn before they are evenly cooked.

4. Flipping too soon

Again, patience pays. Don’t flip the pancake as soon as you see the bubbles. Wait until the bubbles pop open and form small holes. The holes should tell you that the other side is ready. If you flip later than this, they will be burnt.

5. Old ingredients

If you are still using the same baking powder you used two years ago, don’t expect to get quality pancakes. They will be flat if the baking powder is not fresh. It should at least be not more than six months old.


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