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Annoying things you should never do when dating someone from a different culture

Respect the difference

Angry couple(Ebony Magazine)

Kenyans are becoming more open to intercultural and even interracial dating. But there are still challenges that come with it. Some of our parents are still not open to such relationships. As such, there are people who will not date or marry someone from a certain ethnic group simply because their parents are against it. And some of those who go ahead and get married do not always get the right treatment from their in-laws.

But the problem is not usually just from friends and relatives. Even the couple sometimes face challenges due to their different cultural background and upbringing.

Here’s the thing, if you choose to date someone who is from a different culture or ethnic background, try as much as possible not to do these things:


1. Force them to subscribe to your beliefs

If you believe in invoking the spirits of the ancestors during certain rituals and your partner doesn’t, please respect that. Whether to follow your beliefs should be their own choice.

2. Believe in their stereotypes

It’s been said that Kikuyus love money, and now, Kikuyu ladies are dreaded because apparently, they can do anything for money – including killing you. While one rotten apple spoils the barrel, you can’t buy the idea that the whole community is that way.


3. Criticizing their beliefs

You can ask to know more about what your partner believes in. But it’s wrong to try and show them that they are wrong and your cultural beliefs are the right ones. Please respect the difference.

4. Act shocked about their culture

Well, you might be shocked but you don’t have to rub it in. Don’t be like ‘Oh my God I can’t believe you guys eat such gross things like omena’. Again, respect.


5. Insult their culture

I have heard people say, ‘That’s childish’ in regards to a certain people’s culture. See, you don’t have to subscribe to their ‘childish’ activities. Especially if your partner is deeply rooted in their culture, be careful with the things you say.

In short, tolerance is the most important thing in interracial and intercultural dating. If you don’t have that, please date from your own culture or the culture you are more comfortable with. 


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