Struggles only children raised by single moms can understand

Salute to all single moms


We all had various challenges growing up; whether you were raised by a single parent, both parents or a guardian. While most millennials might have had similar upbringing and challenges, there are some things that only kids who were raised by single moms can relate to.

Well, you may not relate to all the struggles but we believe you have an idea of what most of them feel like.

1. People assume you are undisciplined

For some weird reasons, people tend to assume that children raised by single moms are mannerless - which sucks by the way because it’s not always true. Growing up, you might have experienced kids who didn’t want to play with you because their parents could not let them interact with “undisciplined kids”.

2. You don’t know what to say when asked about your father

Like where do you even begin while you probably have no idea who your father is. You don’t know their name, their face or even whether they are still alive or dead. While the person asking might be doing so innocently, the question puts one at an awkward position.

3. Kids said mean things to you

Kids will always be kids but they can also be little monsters. Growing up, other kids with both parents might have said pretty mean things to you and you still remember it because it hurt you so bad.

4. When people brag about their daddies, you can’t relate

I mean, what are you expected to say? That your dad is cool and caring even if he was absent all through your childhood? It’s only best to keep quiet.

5. People say all sorts of things about your mom

She is the only hero you know. So, when someone says something mean about her simply because she is a single mom, all you will want to do is punch their face because you know she is nothing close to what society may label her.

6. Your boyfriend thinks you have daddy issues just because you want to spend a little more time with him. Like, really now?


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