DP Ruto now demands apology from Raila

You should be ashamed - DP Ruto states

Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday demanded an apology from former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and a section of politicians.

The DP stated that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader and some of his allies needed to apologize to Kenyans for stalled government projects.

DP Ruto stated that the special AU envoy was responsible for the stalled Jubilee administration's Big Four agenda.

Coming just a day after the former PM likened the DP to a "hyena", Dr Ruto added that there are some cartels in government which had denied youths jobs.

The second-in-command claimed that the alleged cartel is responsible for the corruption in government.

"You need to apologize to us and you need to be ashamed of yourselves... The President out of abundance of heart welcomed you to government and you came and disrupted the Big 4 agenda; it would have given jobs to plumbers, masons and you took us to a constitutional change," the DP stated.

DP Ruto was speaking after attending a Sunday church service at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (​PCEA) Umoja, Embakasi West, Nairobi County.

The DP would later address residents of the constituency from atop his vehicle's sunroof where he made the off-the-cuff remarks.

He also addressed a question raised by ODM PL Raila Odinga on his source of wealth and how he funds the various projects and fundraisers he has supported with cash donations.

DP Ruto simply stated that he does not understand why the former PM and his operatives are complaining when ordinary Kenyans are receiving help.

At the same time, DP Ruto still left a cash contribution to the church to go toward one of the church's construction project.

Raila labels DP Ruto as "hyena" and "devilish"

The ODM party leader on Saturday used a fable to demonstrate his claim that the DP might be one of the corrupt leaders in government.

The special African Union (AU) envoy suggested that the funds are proceeds of corruption.

He claimed that the political leaders have been stealing from public coffers and giving the money as the supposed donations during empowerment forums.

"You hear someone chest-thumping about what they have done, that we have built this and that. As him where he took the extra money? He wants to do harambees for women groups and youth groups with cash stuffed in sacks. He goes to church. Then they say he respects God. But he is coming with your money... He is buying you with stolen money.

"Where does he get the millions from? No one questions where this money is from. These are thieves who should be in Shimo la Tewa but they are touring all over Kenya in helicopters... when we get in government we will jail all these people," ODM PL Odinga stated, implying that he will be going for the Presidency in the upcoming 2022 General Election.


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