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6 controversial deaths in Kasarani with casualties falling from apartments in 2023

At least six controversial deaths have been reported in Kasarani with victims falling off apartments to their death amid suspicion of foul play

File image of a crime scene

The year 2023 has seen several deaths reported with people falling from apartments in Kasarani amid suspicion of foul play in some instances.

At least six controversial deaths have been reported, with most of the victims being young people.

December 18: 22-year-old lady dies after falling from 6th floor in Kasarani

Another death was reported in Kasarani after 22-year-old-Susan Ngima fell to her death on the night of December 18, 2023.


A witness told police that the deceased jumped from the balcony of Royban Apartments on Monday, December 18 night and died instantly.

Reports indicate that she was alone at the time of the incident and was rushed to Radiant Group of Hospitals where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

December 15: Banker dies at woman's house after night of partying

Michael Habel Onyancha, a banker by profession is reported to have died after falling from the third floor of a building in Kasarani on December 15, 2023.

He met his death after partying with a female companion who went with him back to her house with some of what would be his final moments captured by CCTV cameras.


The family of Onyancha is questioning how he allegedly fell from the third floor moments after partying with an identified woman.

The footage captured Onyancha climbing the stairs of the apartment on the night of Friday, December 15 with difficulty with his companion helping him after a night of partying that would also be his last.

The two are recorded entering the lady's house before tragedy strikes moments later, with the banker allegedly falling from the third floor of the building.

He was pronounced dead at St. Francis Community Hospital, where he was rushed for treatment with the family suspecting foul play in his death.


Political mobilizer dies after falling from Kasarani apartment

Popular Bungoma artist and political mobiliser Joseph Kubende met his tragic death on Thursday, March 23 with the family dismissing claims that his death was a possible case of suicide.

Kubende is reported to have jumped to his death from the fourth floor of a building in Kasarani’s Roysambu area.

David Shakama, a representative of the family told the press on Saturday, March 26, that the deceased had secured a job in the United States and was in the country to bid farewell to friends and family when death struck.


Shakama explained that the deceased had been on official duty in Rwanda, adding that they suspect that his death may related his political affiliations.

“We understand that he may have been targeted by a few individuals, but we want to know the truth, and we want to know the people who were with him.” Shakama stated.

Brenda Kawira days after jumping from Kasarani apartment

Shortly after securing a scholarship to Australia, with plans to get married before relocating, Brenda Kawira met her death in March after reportedly jumping from the balcony of her house in Kasarani.

In the wake of her death, her family suspected foul play with her mother revealing details of the last fight she had with her lover identified as Marvin.


Marvin would later tell her that they on the day that Brenda died and she wanted to go to Meru.

He stopped her from leaving as late and it is at this point that she stormed to the balcony after throwing her phone on the couch.

He thought she was getting some fresh air and went to the bedroom but was startled by a thud shortly afterwards.


Jeff Mathi’s death and DJ Fatxo's tribulations

The death of 23-year-old Jeff Mwathi shortly after hanging out with popular Mugithi artist Lawrence Njuguna Wagura alias Dj Fatxo house made news in March 2023.

Amid suspicion of foul play, detectives investigated the death and cordoned off the DJ’s house, collecting key evidence that aided in investigations with an autopsy also conducted on the deceased’s body.

Mwathi’s grandmother would claim that he died in a ritual to make his killer a star like Samidoh, with the family rejecting the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) report on his death.


March 12: Detectives move in to probe Blair Muthomi's death

Detectives were called in to probe the death of a 23-year-old Blair Muthomi who was found dead after allegedly jumping from the sixth floor of a residential building in Kasarani weeks to his graduation with the family suspecting foul play

The apartment’s owner told the press that he stumbled the body during a visit to supervise ongoing construction at the property, adding that the deceased lived with two other young men in a cost-sharing plan and had recently moved into the apartment.

The landlord identified as Joseph Macharia narrated that he informed the deceased’s two roommates who hurriedly rushed him to Uhai Neema hospital where he was pronounced dead.


The distraught family has urged detectives to investigate the matter and ensure that justice is served.

“When we were shown the remains of the boy, his internal organs were splattered everywhere making us suspicious if the death was accidental,” an uncle to the deceased explaining, making his suspicion of foul play clear.

The deceased’s mother who was overcome by emotions called for justice, adding that the sad news of his death was yet to be shared with his siblings.

“I have a heavy heart because this is my firstborn, we have not even broken the message to his siblings because we do not know what to say,” she tearfully stated.


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