Why we don’t recruit people with Grade C+ as policemen – Charles Owino

Police Spokesman, Charles Owino explains

National Police Spokesman Charles Owino

Police Spokesman, Charles Owino has explained why the National Police Service has a challenge recruiting people with Grade C+ and above as policemen.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Owino said that such people further their education and ask for promotions, and not everyone can be promoted at once.

He went on to explain that people with grade C plain and bellow get employed because they will get to serve at their levels for a long period, and the promotions eventually come.

We have various levels of police work and we have a challenge when we employ every policeman with Grade C+ and above. They go back to school, get degrees then they come back and they tell they don’t want to serve at that level. We serve at certain rations like for every 9 police officers we may have only one corporal and for every such number we may only have one Inspector, you cannot promote everyone to those levels. That is why It is important we get officers at direct entry inspectorate then let’s also get officers who have C plain, C -, D+. People who will work at those levels for a longer period of time,” said the Police Spokesman.

Charles Owino noted that the most important aspect they look at when recruiting a police officer is someone’s intelligence, which is not only meted on the grade one scores in high school.

He added that people get employed at different levels and not everyone is employed to be a manager.


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