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Former Governor Oparanya makes admission over leaked photos [Video]

Former Kakamega Governor responds to the circulation of his personal photos online and clarifies his current health status.

Former Kakamega Governor and ODM Deputy Leader, Wycliffe Oparanya with Mary Biketi

Former Kakamega Governor and ODM Deputy Leader, Wycliffe Oparanya, has found himself at the center of public attention.

A series of photos featuring Oparanya in various friendly poses with a woman identified as Mary Biketi have gone viral, prompting a wide array of reactions from the online community.

The photographs, which depict the former governor in casual settings, have sparked conversations about Oparanya's personal life.


Despite the speculations and the gossip mill Oparanya has come forward to address the situation head-on.

In a candid video response, Mr. Oparanya affirmed the authenticity of the photos, stating, "Those are very genuine photos. I don't know why someone wastes time trying to circulate them, but it's unfortunate."

His statement was a direct acknowledgement of the pictures, reinforcing his stance that there was nothing inappropriate about them.

He expressed dismay over the leak to the press, hinting at an invasion of his privacy, "Wherever I took those photos, they leaked it to the press."


The tone of his voice conveyed a mixture of surprise and disappointment over the breach of what he had expected to remain within the realm of his private life.

Addressing the rumours that have since ensued, including claims regarding his health, Oparanya made it clear that he is well and in good spirits, "And there is now fake news that I am in the hospital, I am sick. Here I am."

He stood in front of the camera, healthy and articulate, dispelling any concerns about his well-being.

Oparanya also took the opportunity to inform his followers of his recent whereabouts, "I've been in Mombasa here for a few days and meeting my people from my own community.”


The situation brings to light the delicate balance that public figures must maintain in their lives.

While they are subject to public scrutiny, there are elements of their private lives that they strive to protect.

For now, the former governor seems to have taken the developments in stride, projecting a calm and composed demeanor as he addressed the viral photos.


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