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Herman Manyora in heated exchange with Sakaja over use of chopper

Manyora said Sakaja could not be a billionaire unless he had stolen from public coffers

Nairobi Governor Sakaja lands in Kisumu for the Kenya Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association (KICOSCA) Games

University of Nairobi don, Herman Manyora and Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja were on Sunday, January 22 engaged in an online exchange over the county boss's ability to afford a chopper to move around the country.

The exchange began when scholar Dr Njoki Wamai said public servants should be banned from using helicopters for their business and instead use public transport which was way cheaper.

Wamai was using the case of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja who had attended an event in Kisumu and had boarded a private chopper.


Responding to the comment, Manyora said the use of the chopper by the governor was meant to be a show of might and power.

"How will he show us that he’s a big man? And show the world how stupid we are," Manyora said.

Responding to the comments by Manyora, Sakaja said he was not using public coffers to fund his personal travel.

"Why are you angry at how I spend my money? Did someone hurt you? My personal travel is paid for privately not by public funds," Sakaja replied.

Unsatisfied, Manyora said the amount of money it cost to hire a private chopper was way too expensive casting doubt on the governor's explanation.


"I’m sorry boss. It’s just that I have a little problem drawing a line between public money and personal money; I know how much these things cost," Manyora told Sakaja.

In fierce defence, Sakaja said he was the number one defender of public servants and that he even declined to acquire new vehicles for the governor's residence.

"In other words you doubt my ability to afford it anyway Prof, please don’t always assume the worst first. I wouldn’t unnecessarily use public funds for such travel. I even declined to purchase new official vehicles for myself and 500m for a Governor’s residence," the county boss said.


Not convinced, Manyora said Sakaja was in no league to be super wealthy unless he had looted public funds and asked whether he could undertake an audit on the governor's wealth to which the governor gave the green light.


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