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Why Raila is taking legal action against Ruto after Kilifi visit

Raila Odinga takes on President Ruto over Shakahola deaths inquiry

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga during a past rally

In a recent development, Azimio leader Raila Odinga has strongly opposed President William Ruto's decision to create a commission of inquiry to investigate the deaths of pastor Paul Mackenzie's followers.

The tragedy unfolded when hundreds of Mackenzie's followers starved themselves to death after being misled by his false promise of meeting Jesus.

Speaking in Kilifi on Saturday during his visit to pastor Ezekiel Odero, Raila argued that while Ruto initiated the commission to probe the deaths and associated abuses, it exceeds the president's constitutional powers and intends to cover up the truth.

"I will go to court to say the commission he set up is against the Constitution. This is one way to hide the truth. He appointed his friends into the commission so that they can write a report that he wants," Raila stated.


Raila has criticized Ruto's move to establish a commission of inquiry, stating that it is not within the president's constitutional mandate.

According to Raila, the power to create such commissions rests with the Parliament under the 2010 Constitution.


As a result, Raila plans to take legal action and file a lawsuit against the president to prevent the commission from proceeding with its inquiries.

He further alleges that Ruto appointed friends to the commission, raising concerns about its impartiality and the potential for a biased report.

Raila asserts that Ruto's government is ill-equipped to investigate the deaths in Shakahola, as they are linked to a cult.

Despite voicing his support for investigations into such churches in the past, Raila claims his ideas were opposed, with critics labeling him a witch and an atheist.


Expressing disappointment, Raila suggests that those who claim to be believers have failed in their responsibilities.

He argues against the exhumation of bodies for investigations, stating that it is unnecessary as the victims are already deceased.


In a previous separate incident, Raila Odinga faced a setback when he was barred from accessing the Shakahola forest, where bodies have been exhumed for investigation purposes.

Accompanied by local leaders, Raila's presence was denied by the operation commander, citing instructions to restrict unauthorized individuals from entering the site.


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