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MP disrupts Senate proceedings to demand Sh1.5 million from Cliff Ombeta [Video]

Mpuri says Cliff Ombeta blocked him after receiving the Sh1.5 million

Cliff Ombeta

Tigania East MP, Mpuri Aburi, caused quite a stir during a Senate ad hoc committee hearing investigating the Shakahola deaths.

The committee, under the leadership of Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana, was focused on questioning Pastor Ezekiel Odero, flanked by his legal team, which included lawyers Danston Omari and Cliff Ombeta.

However, Aburi dramatically entered the chambers, determined to address his pressing concern.


He began by revealing that he had lent Sh1.5 million to lawyer Cliff Ombeta at an Equity Bank branch in the city.

"My name is Mpuri Aburi, MP Tigania East. Sababu yangu ya kija hapa nimeona kwa TV ya kwamba mkiendelea hii mambo nikamwona Cliff Ombeta pale. Nilimpa Sh1.5 million na akablock simu yangu. Naapa mbele ya mwenyezi Mungu.

"[My name is Mpuri Aburi, MP Tigania East. I'm here because I was following the proceedings and I saw Cliff Ombeta. I loaned him Sh1.5 million and I swear before God he blocked me]," Aburi said.

After Ombeta received the money, he seemingly vanished into thin air and went as far as blocking Aburi's phone contact. With no way of reaching Ombeta, Aburi seized the opportunity in the Senate chamber to confront him.


Aburi's unexpected appearance caught the committee's attention, and he was granted an audience by Senator Mungatana.

Aburi continued to speak and swore that he had a close association with Ombeta. However, he was informed by the committee that this aspect was beyond their purview.

The MP's impassioned plea added an unexpected twist to the proceedings. The details surrounding the missing loan and the lawyer's apparent disappearance raised many questions that demanded answers.


user19085958395 🤣🤣Aburi alikuja specifically kuchomea Ombeta.while taking cognizant of Parliamentary privileges🤣

Cliff tush Hahaha huyu mtu aaangaliwe kisu kwanza..mmeru akisema tutoke pamoja ni hatari sana

user19085958395 Weuh, Niliwahii fuata Vaite inje.Vaite alinigonga na taxin ikaningoa jijino. Ombeta Run.

eriko Kabisa...wameru hawana kesho...leo leo....Baraka ya wameru iko kwa kisu...obeta atapeda.


sharif A. Idris Salim Huyu mpuru vile anabehave ni kama ni uwongo,unacheka😲 na mtu amechukua 1.5 m .this guy is not serious.

kweric I was dull but this has made my day🤣

Cliff Ombeta's journey into the legal profession took an intriguing turn during his Form Two years when he discovered the book 'Rage of Angels' by Sidney Sheldon.

The narrative of a Mafia lawyer in the story deeply resonated with him, sparking a passion for law that would eventually shape his career.


In 1995, Ombeta embarked on his legal journey, dedicating himself to the practice of law. Over the years, he has become known for defending numerous high-profile individuals entangled in a variety of legal challenges.

His commitment to the profession led to the establishment of his own law firm, Ombeta and Associates Law Firm.

Despite his numerous legal successes, Ombeta has faced criticism for representing law enforcement officers accused of involvement in the death of a fellow lawyer and two others.

He remains resolute in his belief that everyone, regardless of the charges against them, deserves legal representation. However, he has chosen not to handle cases related to sexual assault and rape, a decision that reflects his principles.


Ombeta takes pride in his legal victories, including notable cases such as the Sh6.4 billion cocaine case, the Akasha bond case, and the Professor Arthur Obel murder case.

His dedication to the law and commitment to defending those he believes are innocent continue to be the driving forces behind his legal career.


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