President Uhuru Kenyatta has clarified that the Big 4 Agenda is not a project, as many Kenyans have been made to believe.

Speaking during his 7th State of the Nation address in Parliament, the Head of State said the Big 4 is only an economic development framework, which he has used to organize his governments delivery to the people.

President Kenyatta stated that he has used the frame work to identify key priority areas which his government has been working on.

He added that the Big 4 is anchored in four intentions, (Enhancing manufacturing, Food security and nutrition, Universal healthcare coverage and Affordable housing) which his government has relentlessly worked towards achieving despite the spread of the novel coronavirus disease.

I must mention at the onset that the Big 4 is not a project as many of you think of it. The big 4 is an economic development strategy which I have used to organize government delivery. And to answer the question why, in terms of selection of the priority areas we are working on.

The philosophy of the Big 4 is anchored in 4 intentions which we have pursued relentlessly this year despite the problem of covid-19,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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