Chaos in court over Kitany's bodyguard gun

Firearm in court

Senator Linturi and Maryanne Kitany

Court proceedings in the Marianne Kitany and Meru Senator Mithika Linturi divorce case were disrupted after the latter's lawyer told the judge that the former's bodyguard had a weapon in court.

Linturi's lawyer, Muthomi Thiankolu told the Milimani Magistrate’s Court in Nairobi that Kitany’s bodyguard was displaying his firearm in court.

Magistrate Gesora ordered the Milimani Law Courts OCS to investigate Thiankolu’s allegations.

After conducting a body-search on Kitany’s security guard, a firearm was found in his possession.

Kitany’s life threatened

The bodyguard was asked by the magistrate to leave the courtroom in the drama which interrupted a then-ongoing witness testimony in the Kitany-Linturi divorce row.

However, Kitany’s lawyer, Danstan Omari, said that his client’s bodyguard had a gun in court because Kitany’s life had been threatened before by Linturi.

Marianne’s life is in danger, and, as a result, she decided to device certain ways of keeping herself safe, including hiring armed bodyguards to protect her,” Omari stated.

The law forbids anyone from entering the courtroom with a firearm and all court attendees are required to surrender their weapons.

Once one leaves the chambers, the weapons are usually given back to their owners.


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