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Matatus to resume carrying Full Capacity - Ministry of Transport

Back to normal for PSVs

Matatus on Nairobi's Moi Avenue where Kencom and Ambassador stages are

Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) have been allowed to resume carrying passengers at full capacity, the Ministry of Transport announced on Friday.

The PSVs, commonly known as matatus, will be allowed to revert to pre-Covid-19 operations beginning Monday August 9, 2021.

For over a year, the PSV vehicles have been under guidelines to limit the number of passengers carried in every trip as a containment measure against the spread of Covid-19.

Fourteen-seater vehicles had been limited to carry only eight passengers while observing social distancing protocols.


The 25-seater vehicles were further directed to carry at most 15 passengers while 30+ seater PSVs, the SGR and Commuter trains were ordered to maintain a maximum of 60% of their capacity with each trip.

The limited number of passengers were in addition to six other guidelines that were to be enforced especially in urban centres as follows:-

  1. Refrain from unnecessary trips and where possible localize travel to between 0 and 5 kilometre radius on foot or bicycle.
  2. Commuters to maintain strict wash and board policy while maintaining personal hygiene.
  3. Avoid extensive skin contact when travelling in PSVs, wear clothes that cover arms and legs.
  4. When travelling in matatus cough and sneeze hygienically.
  5. Maintain vigilance on their symptoms and avoid public transport if they suspect they are ill.
  6. To assist with traceability of passengers, long distance operators to keep a detailed passenger manifest.

In addition, matatu operators within the city have been encouraged to sensitize their clients on the need for social distancing as the only proven measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus.


Planes and Trains

Planes and trains have been carrying passengers at full capacity, as guided by the Ministry of Health.

Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache elaborated that the air circulation systems on airplanes and trains ascertains a certain level of safety for passengers.

Further, she highlighted that the processes around ticketing, booking, on-boarding and sitting arrangements on the two modes of transport guarantee safety.


The PS added that temperature checks and sanitization efforts are also being executed strictly for the two modes of transport, making them safer for passengers.


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