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2024 Africa Tech Summit seals Nairobi as a hub of innovation

The 2024 Africa Tech Summit in Nairobi went down as a beacon of technological innovation and strategic collaboration aimed at reshaping the African tech landscape.

Participants at the 2024 Africa Tech Summit

This event, more than just a conference, was a dynamic showcase of ideas, where the continent's commitment to tech connectivity, Web3, AI, fintech, and climate change initiatives were not just discussed but brought to life.

The chosen venue for the summit, Sarit Centre a sprawling complex in Nairobi's tech hub, was temporarily transformed into a showcase of Africa's technological future.

From the moment attendees stepped in, they were greeted by an atmosphere brimming with possibility.

Interactive displays showcased cutting-edge technologies, from AI-powered solutions to the latest in e-mobility, creating a tangible sense of the innovation at play across the continent.


One of the cornerstones of the summit was the spotlight on Visa's Africa Fintech Accelerator programme.

The expo highlighted the success stories of Workpay and Duqha, shining examples of the programme's impact and the vibrant potential of Kenya's fintech sector.

Oliver Lienhard and Melissa Sequeira of Ubuntu Tribe captivated attendees with their insights into the evolving world of virtual assets. Their presentation was a deep dive into how businesses and regulations can coalesce around digital assets, offering a forward-looking perspective on the integration of blockchain technologies within the African market.

The summit was a showcase for innovation, with startups across e-mobility, AI, payment systems, and Web3 technology drawing significant attention.


Each booth and presentation area was a hub of discussion, with founders and tech enthusiasts engaging in deep dialogues about the potential of these technologies to address pressing societal challenges.

Beyond the keynotes and showcases, over 1,000 industry leaders, investors, and startups mingled, sharing insights and forging connections. The air was charged with the energy of potential partnerships, with investors keenly scouting for the next disruptive startup.

Spaces dedicated to networking were abuzz with conversations, as participants exchanged business cards and ideas with the hope of collaborative ventures.


The keynote speeches served as beacons of inspiration. From government officials outlining policy frameworks to support tech growth, to industry leaders sharing success stories and lessons learned, each keynote was a thread in the larger narrative of Africa's tech ascendance.

Particularly impactful were discussions on the use of generative AI in financial services, including innovative approaches to credit scoring that could revolutionize financial inclusion on the continent.

The IFC's She Wins Africa program received well-deserved acclaim for its focus on empowering female entrepreneurs. This initiative was highlighted as a beacon of gender equity in the tech sector, illustrating the summit's broader commitment to inclusive growth and diversity.


The 2024 Africa Tech Summit in Nairobi was more than an event; it was a milestone in Africa's tech journey, encapsulating the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and visionary thinking.

As attendees departed, they carried with them not just the knowledge shared but a renewed sense of commitment to driving Africa's tech ecosystem forward.



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