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List of scandals Willy Paul has been caught up in

Here is the list!

List of scandals Willy Paul has been caught up in

Singer Willy Paul Msafi is arguably one of the most controversial singers in the Kenyan music scene.

One would describe him as someone who has built his flourishing music career through controversy and speculations.

Some of these allegations the singer has addressed, every time they come up in media interviews.


Here are the Scandals;

Sex stimulant overdose

In November last year, reports said that the controversial Gospel singer had been hospitalized after he took an overdose of Spedra, a sex stimulant that was said to be stronger than Viagra.

The singer, however, came out to strongly deny the reports saying that people had decided to tarnish his name using irrelevant things. In a video uploaded on Instagram, the Sikireti hit maker said that he was well and called on his fans and the general public not to fall for fake news.


Sacrificing dancers

Willy Paul was once again on the spot after two of his female dancers died in less than two weeks. Rumour spread around saying that the Saldido Records boss had sacrificed the dancers to be able to grow his music career.

In a statement, Willypozze said that the death of his two dancers was the most painful season in his music career and his whole life. He also addressed devil worshipping claims, stating that the things that were being said online were only propaganda to smear his name.

Hitting a woman

He was again on the receiving end after a video of him hitting a woman went viral.


The video recorded by on-looking neighbours, an irritated Willy Paul fought off security guards who had blocked him from getting to the lady, before he snatched her phone and smashed it on the ground.

He later on said it was one of the scenes in his upcoming reality TV show that involved money and drama.


For a long time Pozee has been accused of siring kids out of wedlock and he has in many instances denied having one.


However, in an exclusive interview with Pulse Live, the singer admitted to having a son with a white woman.


Willy Paul has also been accused of taking alcohol, something he has always denied doing. One time, reports said that he was seen staggering out of Thika Road Mall, in the company of female friends.

Dancing with club girls


Willy Paul has been trending top of the chat, after videos of ladies erotically grinding on him during his performance at Club Wakanda made their way online.

The Gospel singer had organized a masquerade party at Club Wakanda which also doubled up as a meet and greet with his fans. However, things got heated when some of the ladies at the club joined him during his performance and sensually danced and rubbed up against him at the club.


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