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8 unscripted rules of a modern dad - Lessons from Pascal Tokodi & Lenana Kariba

Actors Pascal Tokodi & Lenana Kariba believe that parenting has evolved to a shared responsibility, regardless of gender

From left: Lenana Kariba & Pascal Tokodi

Fatherhood in the 21st century has undergone significant changes and has evolved into a more inclusive and involved role for fathers.

Gone are the days when fathers were solely seen as providers or distant figures in their children's lives.

Today, fathers actively participate in parenting, contributing to their children's emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

One of the key aspects of modern fatherhood is the breaking down of traditional gender roles. Fathers are now taking on a more hands-on role in caring for their children, challenging the notion that child-rearing is solely a mother's responsibility.


They change diapers, feed their babies, and engage in activities that foster bonding and connection.

And this even applies to celebrity fathers, who are often surrounded by fame and fortune.

Lenana Kariba and Pascal Tokodi, two prominent figures in the entertainment industry, share their experiences and insights on fatherhood in the 21st century.

Through their heartfelt words, we discover the unscripted rules of fatherhood that guide their paths.


Lenana Kariba, who recently welcomed his first child, Eva, acknowledges that fatherhood has profoundly transformed him.

Lenana and his wife Helen announced the arrival of their daughter on May 21, 2023.

According to him, becoming a father changes you, challenges you, and helps you discover strengths you never knew you had.


He takes pride in his active involvement in raising his daughter Eva.

"I've taken quite a big role with the baby. She actually sleeps with me, am the one who stays up with her all night, am the one who feeds her when she wakes up.

"I have taken that mom role, and I think that’s what changed me. I fit so comfortably, and am so happy to do that. I’m happy to be a stay at home dad. That’s the point it has gotten to. And a lot of men needs to know that it's okay," Lenana said during an interview with this writer.

Lenana emphasizes that fathers should break stereotypes and go the extra mile to make their children happy.

He mentions watching videos of dads putting on dresses, doing their daughters' nails and hair, and thought he would never do that.


However, with his daughter in his arms, he realizes he would do anything to see her smile.

For Lenana, there is no particular standardized way of raising a child. It all depends with the parents and what the child grows up to become.

  • Challenging societal norms of mothers staying at home and fathers working
  • Recognizing that parenting is a shared responsibility, regardless of gender
  • Being actively involved in school activities and daily routines
  • Considering the implications of social media and technology on children's lives
  • Respecting individual parental decisions regarding exposing children to social media
  • Balancing the desire to let children be themselves while setting necessary boundaries
  • Addressing parental concerns about behavior, mannerisms, and personal choices
  • Embracing a different approach to parenting and allowing her daughter to find her own path within certain standards and values

For Pascal Tokodi, a father of one, his daughter's happiness comes first.

Pascal and his wife Grace Ekirapa welcomed their bundle of joy on April 21, 2023.


He makes it clear that he will not tolerate anyone hurting his daughter, stating that he will stand up for her without hesitation.

Pascal Tokodi reflects on the profound impact of becoming a father, describing it as the greatest day of his life.

Holding his daughter in his arms for the first time filled him with overwhelming emotions, as he witnessed a beauty he had never experienced before.

"The greatest day of my life was when she told me she was pregnant. When I held my daughter in my arms nine months later, I cried. I felt like I’d never seen anything beautiful in my life" he said.


Drawing inspiration from his own relationship with his father, Pascal cherishes their friendship and aims to be the same for his daughter.

He expresses his unconditional support and pride in his daughter, aspiring to provide the same unwavering support that his father has given him.

"My dad and I we are first friends before blood. I call him up anytime, he’s very proud of me and what have become. He’s very supportive. Everything he is to me, I want to be to my daughter," he said.

  • Motivation to protect and guide her daughter in the changing world
  • Teaching her important values, including faith and forming a relationship with God
  • Embracing parental responsibilities, including changing diapers, with pride and involvement
  • Rejecting traditional gender roles and valuing partnership in marriage and parenting
  • Focusing on the happiness and overall well-being of her daughter, rather than imposing specific career aspirations
  • Nurturing his daughter's understanding of life and ensuring access to quality education
  • Striking a balance between allowing freedom and instilling awareness about the potential pitfalls of technology and social media
  • Teaching discernment and the ability to identify negative influences or dangerous individuals

Both Lenana and Pascal emphasize the significance of being there for their children as friends and mentors.

The two actors, who are also close friends, prefer to dedicate quality time to their families in celebration of Father's Day.


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