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Actor Celestine Gachuchi weighs in on Azziad, Brian Chira saga

‘Selina’ actor offers a solution for the cyber bullying crisis facing Kenyan celebs.

Actor Celestine Gachuhi

’Selina’ actor Celestine Gachuchi has taken a stand against cyberbullying, extending support to fellow creatives who have faced online harassment.

Drawing inspiration from influencer Azziad Nasenya, who recently confronted TikToker Brian Chira in a high-profile dispute, Gachuchi emphasised the long-lasting impact of cyberbullying on its victims, urging for a kinder and more compassionate online community.

In her passionate plea, Gachuchi noted that behind every creative's profile picture is a real person with emotions and a life beyond the limelight.

She spoke out against the hateful and hurtful comments directed at content creators, stressing that these words have the power to either build them up or tear them down.


"Cyberbullying is a serious problem that has lasting effects on its victims. My dear friend Azziad has been a victim for too long. No one should have to face hatred, harassment, or hurtful comments online," Gachuchi asserted.

As an influencer and actor, Gachuchi urged her followers and the broader online community to unite against cyberbullying.

She called for a collective effort in fostering a positive and compassionate digital environment.


By using social media platforms to uplift one another, inspire, and educate, Gachuchi believes that individual actions can create a ripple effect of change for the better.

"I urge all of you, my amazing followers, to join me in fostering a positive and compassionate online community.

"Let's use our platforms to lift each other up, to inspire, to educate, and to spread kindness like wildfire. Your words have the power to create a ripple effect of change, so let's use them for good," Gachuhi said.


The ‘Selina’ star concluded her impassioned message by outlining the importance of reporting online bullies and holding them responsible for their actions.

By bringing attention to such behaviour, Gachuchi hopes to create a safer space for creatives to express themselves and flourish without fear of malicious attacks.

In related news, Brian Chira, who was involved in a verbal attack on Azziad expressed heartfelt remorse for his actions during an interview with Kiss FM on Wednesday.

The TikToker publicly apologised for his ungratefulness towards those who had supported him during his rise to internet fame.


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