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Actor Kokani reveals truth about Maria and Sultana's alleged beef off set

Kokani reveals the status of the relationship between Sultana and Maria on and off set

Yasmeen Saiedi, Nelson Mandela and Mwanaasha Johari

Nelson Mandela, popularly known as Kokani in the popular Citizen TV series Sultana, has recently disclosed some juicy information regarding the show's lead actors.

In an interview with a local media house, Kokani revealed that the relationship between Mwanaasha Johari, who plays Sultana, and Yasmeen Saiedi, who plays Maria is perfect both on and off set.

Despite rumours circulating on social media that the two actresses are not in good terms, Kokani stated that the relationship between the two is 'super amazing.'

"Hiyo ni uwongo. Relationship ya Yasmeen na Sultana believe it or not ni moja Super sana. Wako na relationship moja amazing na usisahau wote ni dini moja pia. Kwa hivyo wanavibe tu.


(That is a lie. The relationship between Yasmeen and Sultana is super amazing. They share the same faith so they have the same vibe)," Mandela said.

He further stated that the two actresses work together to empower and uplift each other.

Kokani also expressed his appreciation for Yasmeen Saiedi's presence in the series, thanking the producers and directors of the film for bringing her on board.


"Mimi mwenyewe naaapreciate Yasmeen kuja kwa Sultana. Upende ukatae Maria is a big name na mimi mwenyewe naeza taka kuwa associated nalo,"

(I appreciate Yasmeen coming to the show. She is a big name whether you like it or not, and I would even want to work with her again)," he said.

He noted that her huge fan base across the country has positively impacted the show and that her addition is a sure way of increasing Sultana's fanbase.


"Imagine uko na number one show ambayo inaitwa Sultana alafu umeleta yule mtu ako na fan base kubwa umemweka, bro 7;30 PM kila mtu citizen Tv.

(Imagine you have the number one show, and then you bring on board someone with a huge fan base, everybody will tune in to Citizen TV at 7;30PM)," he said.

As for his acting career, Kokani revealed that getting into acting was something he had almost given up on. However, he landed the role of Kokani in the series Sultana and has been able to showcase his acting skills.

In addition to his acting career, Kokani revealed he has a new upcoming project. He named several top Kenyan producers he wishes to work with in the future, including Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja.


Sultana is a local series set on the coastal side of Kenya and features a storyline that tackles retrogressive cultural practices.

Yasmeen Saiedi, who became a household name through the Citizen TV series Maria, made a TV comeback with the role of Maria, a young woman with a good heart, on November 11, 2022.


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