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Akothee's lavish wedding gown: Price tag revealed

Akothee has returned to Kenya after traveling abroad for her wedding shopping

Singer Akothee

Singer Akothee has returned to Kenya after traveling abroad for her wedding shopping, as she eagerly awaits her big day in April.

Akothee has shocked many by revealing that she spent Sh624K on her wedding gown and Sh156K on her shoes.

She described her shoes as perfect for her big day, as they are comfortable enough to be worn for an entire day without causing any discomfort.


"The gown has cost me $4800 (Sh624K) while my bridal shoes have gone for $1200 (Sh156K) and you can put them on for the whole day. You guys will see," Akothee explained.

Akothee has revealed that her wish is to be buried in her wedding dress, which would save her family the time that would have been spent looking for burial clothes.

"I know people don't love talking about death but I think I would have given my family an easy time. I would like to be buried in my gown and shoes," Akothee added.

Singer Akothee also mentioned that she has not bought the wedding rings yet because her fiancé, Schweizer 'Omosh', requested to take care of the jewelry.


She added that her husband does not like to see her spend money unnecessarily, and that is why he gets upset when Akothee makes certain purchases. As an example, she mentioned that Omosh often pays hotel bills in advance, which amazes her.

When bloggers approached Akothee at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport upon her return, they asked her for her opinion on rumors that she had rushed into wedding plans soon after starting her new relationship.


Akothee simply responded by saying that she and her fiancé had been dating for eight months, and they know each other well. She also asked sarcastically how long people are supposed to date before getting married.

Akothee was also quick to explain that her fiancé does not want children outside of marriage, which is why they must first get married through a wedding.


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