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Rue Baby opens up on rivalry with Vesha & Akothee's tough love

Rue Baby recalled a moment when Akothee intervened, admonishing her for her behaviour towards Vesha.

Akothee's 2nd born daughter Rue Baby

In a candid interview with Eve Mungai on July 29, Rue Baby, Akothee's second-born daughter, revealed heartwarming insights into her relationship with her older sister, Vesha Okello.

While they share a strong love and adoration for each other, Rue Baby shared that their journey growing up together wasn't always smooth.

As Rue Baby reminisced about their time in university, she admitted to feeling like she was not her mother's favourite.


She confessed that she sometimes felt like she wasn't the favourite due to her perceived 'bully' nature.

Rue Baby shared a moment when their mother, Akothee, intervened, admonishing her for her behaviour towards Vesha.

The model mentioned that she often found herself on her mother's 'bad side,' but later realized that her mother's scolding was indicative of her love and concern.


"When we were in the university I used to feel like am not the favourite because I used to feel like a bully. So my mum would come home and say something like, Dion you are bullying you're sister so just stop it," Rue said.

Over time, Rue Baby discovered that despite the occasional disagreements, she held a special place in her mother's heart, just like each of her siblings.

"She was on her side... I was always the bad, I don't want to do this or that. But then later on I realized I was her favourite, that's why she scowled me," she said.


Akothee, their mother, firmly believed that none of her children were favored over the others, emphasizing the equality of her love for each of them.

"I feel like my mum and I, we are one and the same. But in her words she would say none of her kids are her favourite," she said.


Rue Baby noted that she and her sister Vesha have distinct personalities. While she is outgoing, hyper, and actively involved in the celebrity world, Vesha, on the other hand, is more reserved and does not actively engage with celebrities.

"Personally, if I was to pull an event, it wouldn't be difficult to call my celebrity friends because am hyper, outgoing. I feel like I interact with celebrities more than she does because she is more reserved," she said.

Despite their differences, they have immense respect and admiration for each other's traits.

Rue Baby took a moment to congratulate Vesha on her recent milestone - the launch of her new business venture.


She expressed her admiration for Vesha's serious and determined spirit, acknowledging her sister's ability to get things done when she sets her mind to it.


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