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Amber Ray delights fans with heartfelt post-hospital message about love

Amber Ray shared a lengthy, heartfelt message explaining what true love should look like

Amber Ray

Controversial Kenyan socialite Faith Makau, commonly known as Amber Ray, has captured the attention of her fans with a heartfelt message about love.

The influencer, who recently left the hospital after being admitted due to a blood infection, took to Instagram on February 7 to share her perspective on what true love should look like.

According to Amber, one must first give self-love a chance before experiencing love from others. She emphasized that true love is the knowledge and acceptance of oneself and reveals truth in the most graceful pleasures.

“Facts can be seen, truth is however a far personal matter, far too deep and mostly too hard to express. True love reveals truth in the most graceful pleasures, and true love is knowledge and acceptance of self.


“How would you recognize love from others when you haven’t given it to yourself first? How can two be one if you they are not aware of self first?” She wrote.

The expectant mother of one also revealed that she is not the type to hold on to things that do not belong to her and that she guards her heart with all her being because it is the wellspring of her life.

“I know who I am! I’m ok with what I am, and when I love, I love deep, I love fully and I love in wholesomeness.


"I am able to do this because I love myself, and this comes with a big responsibility, one to guard my heart with all my being because it is the wellspring of my life,” she said.

Amber Ray expressed her excitement about being a mom to two children who will be free-minded and unshackled from societal pressures to remain unhappy in marriage.

“How do you let go when there are so many people to let down? You just do because it is what needs to be done!


"I’m now a mother of two lucky children who will grow up knowing what it means to be free! Free from shackles imposed by society to remain unhappy in marriage because of the fear of what society will say,” She stated.

Her message comes a few days after rumours of a possible breakup with her partner Kennedy Rapudo were quashed.

Although he shared some cryptic messages on Instagram, Rapudo clarified that despite the usual issues that couples face, they are still together.


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