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Meet Andrew Levi: The learned, secretive, cool kid of 'Becky' series

Andrew Levi, whose roots trace back to Siaya & Homabay Counties, plays the role of Junior in the local TV series 'Becky.' He specialised in Medico-Legal Science and achieved the remarkable feat with a U.K. first-class degree.

Becky actor Andrew Levi 'Junior Katana'

The Kenyan TV series 'Becky' has made quite a splash, featuring an ensemble of new talented actors as well as those who have previously graced popular Kenyan TV shows and movies.

Among these talented individuals, Andrew Levi, who plays the lead role of Junior, alongside Lucy Maina ( Becky), has become a newcomer in high demand, captivating audiences with his deep voice and accent and his intriguing life story.

Born in Zambia, Andrew's journey took him across different continents. His parents led a life of travel, with stops in England, particularly London, Kenya, Asia in the Middle East, China, and several other places. His diverse background mirrors his unique experiences.


Educationally, Andrew's journey commenced in the United Kingdom, where he first learned English, his primary language.

At the age of three, he also picked up some Luo, a testament to his Kenyan roots. Upon returning to Kenya, Andrew attended Brookhouse.

While his academic and professional path led him to explore diverse fields, he now thrives as an actor. His educational journey included a stint in China, where he pursued studies in Chinese and martial arts, aspiring to become the next Bruce Lee.


However, he ultimately decided to shift his focus back to academics and moved to the U.K.

There, he specialised in a unique combination of Law and Medicine, achieving a remarkable feat with a first-class degree. Scholarships followed, enabling him to study at both Cambridge and Oxford. Subsequently, he delved into the corporate world.

The turning point in Andrew's life came later when he confronted the loss of his father this year.


This profound moment prompted him to contemplate life's brevity and the importance of pursuing his passions.

Despite being a brilliant yet overly energetic child, Andrew's journey in acting began when he was around four years old, starting with small roles in school plays.

His love for sports also played a significant role throughout his formative years. Even during his high school years at Brookhouse, Andrew actively participated in acting and excelled.


His passion for acting extended to university, where he was not only involved in campus productions but also ventured across the U.K. and other locations, performing in theater.

'Becky' marks a significant milestone in Andrew's career as it represents his first professional role on the Kenyan screen.

The role of Junior, a character shrouded in mystery and deep secrets, is a perfect fit for Andrew's acting talents. Junior's complexity and his close but secretive relationship with his mother create more curiosity.


'Becky' is the new Citizen TV show that premiered on July 31, 2023. The show replaced the 'Sultana' series which ended on July 27.

One notable challenge that the 'Becky' cast faces is the unpredictable weather. Despite this, the cast members navigate their roles with professionalism and dedication.

Andrew also acknowledges that the significant amount of Swahili dialogue occasionally presents a challenge.

To deliver an authentic performance, he meticulously studies the script numerous times and seeks clarification from his colleagues, who offer invaluable support.


Intriguingly, the chemistry among the cast members came naturally, even though most of them met for the first time on set. The cohesion among the actors contributes to the show's success.

Despite his thriving acting career, Andrew hasn't left his corporate background behind. Instead, he skillfully balances both aspects of his life.

He emphasised the importance of embracing the challenges associated with one's chosen path.


According to him, a wholehearted commitment to one's chosen endeavor is the key to reaping the rewards and experiencing genuine happiness.

The smile on one's face as they start and end each day is the litmus test that affirms they're following the right path.


Andrew Levi harbours aspirations of diversifying his creative portfolio. Although he currently portrays Junior, he has his eyes set on new opportunities, including modelling.

As he continues to explore his true self and identity, he remains open to the limitless possibilities that the future holds.

For people who were wondering if he was already taken, Andrew clarified that he's not married.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Andrew finds solace and joy in various activities.


He enjoys running, connecting with nature, engaging in martial arts, and dedicating time to thinking, reading, debates, and discussions.

Additionally, he relishes moments at the cinema and delights in socializing with friends.


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