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Mbosso begs fans to help him secure a movie role

Mbosso asserts that Wasafi cannot deny him the opportunity to pursue acting.


Bongo Flava star Mbosso revealed his love for films and acting but mentioned that he has never been approached for a movie role.

He explained that there had been opportunities, but contract terms clashed. However, he expressed his willingness to appear in a movie, believing it would benefit both him and his management in the end.

"Nikipata kampuni au watu ambao wanahisi wananihitaji mm niwepo kwenye movie, tamthilia tofautitofauti, nafikiri management yangu haiwezi kuzuia as long as ni biashara mimi napata na wao wanapata.


"[If I find people who feel they want me to be part of their movies, I think my management will be okay with that since it's business and both of us will benefit]," Mbosso said.

Continuing to discuss his aspirations to act in movies, Mbosso encouraged those who come across his video to help spread the news about his desire to act so that it reaches the right people.

He emphasised that his management, the Wasafi label, cannot deny him the opportunity to act, as it's all about reaching a mutual understanding.

Following his completion of high school, Mbosso faced a pivotal decision in his life.


Eager to pursue his passion for music, he sought his parents' approval to move to the bustling city of Dar es Salaam, where opportunities in the music industry were abundant.

Initially met with skepticism due to concerns about the city's unfamiliarity and challenges, his persistent efforts eventually convinced his parents to grant him permission.

Upon arriving in Dar es Salaam, Mbosso encountered the harsh realities of starting a music career in a competitive urban environment.


However, fate smiled upon him when he crossed paths with Mbubwa Fela, the owner of Mkubwa na Wanawe Records. Fela recognised Mbosso's talent and potential, becoming a guiding force in his journey.

Under Fela's mentorship, Mbosso joined forces with three other promising artists: Aslay, Enock Bella, and Beca Flavour.

Together, they formed a boy band initially known as 'Wakubwa na Wanawe,' a collective that would later evolve into the widely acclaimed 'Yamoto Band.'

Following the breakup of his band, Mbosso found himself in a challenging and uncertain period.


This pivotal moment in his life led him back to his roots, where he decided to return to his hometown and engage in farming.

However, it was also a time when he made decisions he would later deeply regret, including involvement in activities such as theft.

Fortunately, Mbosso's story took a turn for the better when he received a life-changing opportunity.

On January 29, 2018, he was signed by WCB, the renowned record label owned by Diamond Platnumz.


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