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CCTV footage shows moment Ndichu vs Murgor sisters fight started [Full Video]

Woman at the center of the Ndichu twins and Murgor sisters scuffle revealed

Business duo Eddie and Paul Ndichu have been accused of attacking female clients at Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi over the weekend.

Details have emerged on what caused the scuffle between the Ndichu brothers (Eddie and Paul), and Stephanie and Cheryl Murgor at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel.

CCTV footage acquired by Citizen TV paints a clear picture of how the whole scuffle started, with a lady identified as Munira Hassan being thrown at the center of it all.

The video started with Munira Hassan exchanging what looked like a phone with one of twin brothers and from a far Stephanie Murgor was seen walking towards the counter where Munira and the brothers were seated.

Minutes later, one of the twin brothers who was in white shirt whispered something to Stephanie, leaving her irritated on the spot.


The ambush was followed by an altercation, and the Ndichus were captured fighting Stephanie and her boyfriend Samuel.

The CCTV footage also shows Munira in what appears to be a war of words with Stephanie at the lift lobby, before the Ndichus arrived.

Security guards at the Hotel managed to calm down the Murgor sisters before they left using the lift (believed to have been heading to the ground floor).


At 2:53 a.m., the Murgor sisters and a man identified as Patrick Koech were seen walking out of the Hotel. At that particular time, Samuel (Stephanie’s boyfriend) had gone to pick his car from the basement.

Munira who was in company of the twin brothers followed the Murgor sisters who had already walked out.

At 2:57 a.m., Cheryl Murgor was seen sprinting back to the ground floor of the hotel, this time security guards stopped her.

On the other hand, Munira was being held back by the Ndichus. Later, one of the twin brothers followed Koech who was walking out and a fight between them ensued. When the other twin noticed what was going on outside he let go of Munira and went for the fight outside.


At the lift lobby, a fist fight was seen between Cheryl and Munira, before the Nidichu’s walked in again slapping the Murgor sisters uncontrollably. The video captured at the end of the scuffle is what went viral on social media.

At 2:59 a.m., the twin brothers were seen outside vandalizing Samuel’s car. At 3:16 a.m., the twin brothers were seen at the front parking of the Hotel in the company of Munira, before checking into the facility again.

At 3:19 a.m., police officers were seen at the scene. Their presence led to a lengthy talk with the Murgor sisters who left the Hotel at 4:30 a.m. and reported the matter to Akina Police Station in South C.



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