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Citizen TV's Ayub Abdikadir's live reporting cut short by stones from protestors [Video]

Ayub Abdikadir was reporting from Kamukunji Grounds where the anti-government protests had also taken shape

Citizen TV reporter Ayub Abdikadir

In the midst of anti-government protests, Citizen TV journalist Ayub Abdikadir found himself in a perilous situation as he was forced to abruptly end his live report from Kamukunji when protesters began hurling stones in his direction.

Just moments into his report, Abdikadir had to seek cover and swiftly retreat to safety. Fortunately, not Ayub nor his crew members was injured in the incident.

Kamukunji had become one of the hotspots for the protests that have been happening in parts of the country.


Abdikadir was not the only journalist facing challenges during the coverage of these protests.

Africa Uncensored journalist Calvin Rock also experienced an incident while documenting the demonstrations in the Jacaranda area.

Plainclothes police officers apprehended Rock, forcibly placing him in the back of their black Subaru before driving away.

African Uncensored journalist John-Allan Namu shared the arrest details on his Twitter page demanding his release.


"Our Africa Uncensored reporter Calvin Rock has been apprehended by men in plain clothes driving a black Subaru while he was taking photos of the protests at Jacaranda.

"Calvin identified himself as a journalist to the men who appeared to be police officers, but an eyewitness says they nonetheless shoved him into the back of their vehicle and drove off," Namu wrote on his Twitter page.

Rock was later taken to the Kayole Police Station, where he was detained. However, the footage he had captured during the protests was deleted from his camera before he was released.


As the anti-government protests continued to unfold, Azimio leader Raila Odinga announced that the demonstrations were expected to persist until Friday, June 21.

The Azimio leader insists the Kenya Kwanza government should bring down the cost of living as promised during the campaigns.


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