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Stephen Letoo comes clean on political ambitions amidst increasing public activities

From the housewarming ceremony in 2023 to the men's conference and his upcoming wedding in April, speculations have increased of Letoo's motive to venture into politics

Citizen TV's political reporter Stephen Letoo

Media personality Stephen Letoo has opened up about his political ambitions, addressing speculation surrounding his recent activities and public statements.

In an interview with Radio Maisha, Letoo responded to claims that his involvement in events like the 'men's conference' is a tactic to gain popularity and political momentum.

The seasoned political reporter, known for his insightful coverage and close interactions with key political figures asserted that his extensive coverage of political events and interactions with politicians naturally place him within the realm of politics.

"Mimi ni mwanahabari wa juu sana katika kutoa habari za siasa, mimi hutangamana na wanasiasa kila wakati kwa hivyo kusema mimi ni mwana siasa ni sahihi. Wale ambao wana hisia tofauti si sahihi kusema kwamba ni clout mimi sihitaji kujulikana," Letoo stated.


Further delving into his political aspirations, Letoo clarified that any ambitions he might harbour would be centred around his home county of Narok, rather than national leadership.

"Mimi siwajahi kuwa na ndoto za kuwa rais wa taifa la Kenya hata siku moja, iwapo nitakuwa na ndoto zozote za kisiasa labda pale kwangu nyumbani pale Kilgoris ama county ya Narok," he added.

Letoo emphasized that while he currently serves as a leader in his community through his actions, he is not an elected official.


Letoo expressed openness to the possibility of running for office if the opportunity arises. "Siku Moja Mungu akinitemea mate aseme sasa wewe Letoo ndio mbunge wa Kilgoris, ama Letoo wewe ndio gavana ama seneta wa Narok mimi sitapiga baraka teke," he articulated, signaling his readiness to embrace a formal political role should he be called upon.

Amidst these revelations, Letoo is gearing up for a wedding in April at the Ole Ntimama Stadium in Narok, a move that has fueled further speculation about his political motives.

While some have linked the wedding to political aspirations, Letoo maintained that his focus remains on his personal life and community engagement.


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