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City Politician Alinur Mohamed Welcomes a bouncing Baby Boy into his family


Politician Alinur Mohamed

City Politician and Kamukunji Parliamentary hopeful Alinur Mohamed is the newest celebrity Dad in town after welcoming a bouncing baby boy into his family.

The aspiring Member of Parliament shared the good news via his official Twitter handle, thanking God for blessing him with another child.

“Alhamdulillah! Allah has blessed us with a baby boy and we welcome him to our family! I wish this little new born to have wonderful dreams. May the Almighty always be with him to fulfill his dreams on the walk of his life. Ameen. Please keep us in your Duas.” tweeted Alinur Mohamed.


The City Politician came to the limelight after it was alleged that he was in a relationship with Media personality Betty Kyallo, something he denied.

In January 2020, Alinur put up a number of tweets quashing reports that had linked him to Ms Kyallo. At that particular time, he stated that the rumors lacked facts and were being spread by individuals who had personal interests.

“The information being spread around lacks facts and is being spread by individuals who have malicious personal interests. My happiness doesn't come from other people's misfortune. It's important that Kenyans know the Truth. I have a Family that I love so much. #HonAlinurMohamed”

“I am therefore asking those purporting that I am the mysterious Somali Guy to have some respect for my family, Betty Kyallo's family, Dennis Okari and myself. Please I am not the Somali Guy. #HonAlinurMohamed,” Said Alinur.


In the recent past, Mohamed has been among Kenyans who are always willing and ready to help others whenever they have a problem.

Helping Hand

In May 2021, Alinur was among those who came to rescue of gospel singer Chris Embarambamba at a time he was being attacked by netizens over his dirty-dancing video at a night club.

In a tweet, the politician said that he will not join the bandwagon castigating the singer, but instead will help him: “It's evident he has a problem”.


“Unlike most people I am not going to take a back seat and just condemn Embarambamba without offering him any help. It's evident he has a problem. Now his career is half dead. He urgently needs help or we'll lose this rare talent. I am going to find him and help him immediately” shared Alinur Mohamed.

200K for Bahati

On June 13, Mohamed also offered singer Kevin Bahati Sh200K after KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua cancelled the financial support he had promised the artiste, over what he termed as contravening their clean content and partnership policy.

Alinur's Take


“I believe there are better ways to sort issues other than parading them online for cheap publicity. KFCB's CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua alias Deputy Jesus has said that he has cancelled 200K partnership deal with @BahatiKenya. That has not only tainted Baha's name but also jeopardized his main source of income. In my consistent commitment to support local artists, I am going to pay the 200k to Bahati” promised Alinur Mohamed.


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