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Dr Ofweneke lists 3 unforgivable deal-breakers in friendship

Ofweneke says he dictates who enters his personal space

Dr Ofweneke

In an interview with Spm Buzz, comedian, and MC Dr Ofweneke said that he is the one who dictates who comes into his life.

According to him, every person you interact with has some influence on your life. He further expressed that he takes the initiative to invite individuals to be part of his life, as it falls under his jurisdiction and territory.

"By the time I'm allowing you to come into my space, it means that I have scrutinized and vetted you and I think that you are worth enough," Ofweneke said.


He added that he raises the bar high every time to make sure that those who get near him meet all the qualifications.

The following are the deal breakers that Dr Ofweneke uses while inviting people into his life.

According to Dr Ofweneke, low self-esteem is definitely a turn-off, and he doesn't associate with people who don't believe in themselves.

He further emphasized that he cannot be tasked with believing in others if they don't have faith in themselves first.


Anyone who conforms to what society says about them is a complete turn-off when it comes to interacting with Dr Ofweneke.

He firmly believes that individuals who lack the courage to embrace their true selves and instead conform to societal expectations are not people he wishes to engage with.


"I walk around as Dr Ofweneke. I call myself the eagle because I'm above everybody else," Ofweneke said.

He further expressed his belief that he is capable of reaching great heights and that he will always pursue his targeted goals.

Dr Ofweneke firmly believes in his abilities and is determined to strive for success, aiming for the things he sets his sights on.


Ofweneke emphasized that life should not be viewed as a competition, and it is important not to perceive others as rivals, as such a mindset is detrimental.

He further stated that each individual is pursuing their own path and running their own race, and he personally does not see himself as competing against anyone, even prominent figures in the industry.

According to Ofweneke, it is crucial to focus on personal growth and development rather than comparing oneself to others or engaging in unnecessary competition.

"If we arrive there at the same time, well and good. And if one gets there ahead of everybody, it's still well and good," Ofweneke said.


He firmly believes that the key to living a comfortable lifestyle is realizing that you are on your own unique journey.


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