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Why Flaqo shaves his beard every day despite criticism

Comedian Flaqo frequently faces criticism for not growing beards, but little do most people know that it's a life sacrifice he has to make.

Comedian Flaqo

Renowned content creator Erastus Ayieko Otieno, popularly known as Flaqo, has opened up about a sacrifice he makes to ensure his content remains authentic and entertaining.

In a video posted on his Instagram account on May 1, Flaqo shared insights into the unique challenges he faces in his career.

Flaqo addressed the issue of not having beards, acknowledging that it can sometimes lead to amusing situations.


He humorously highlighted an interesting aspect of his life, revealing that despite being a 30-year-old man, he often receives advice from younger individuals with fully-developed beards.

He humorously recounted an encounter where a 20-year-old advised him to eliminate women from his life and focus solely on his career.

"Not having beards will lead to you getting advice from a 20-year-old... In real life, I get advice from people younger than me with fully-developed beards. Giving me life advice. This guy told me what he really thinks I should eliminate from my life is the aspect of women because they suck a lot out of me.


"Ati I should not be having a girlfriend right now, I should just focus on my career. Am a 30-year-old man! Do you know kuna mtu ako 23 years old na ako na mtoto in high school? I was just sitting there the whole time listening in disbelief," he said.

He explained that while he could choose to grow a beard if he wanted to, the nature of his content prevents him from doing so.


He emphasised the daily sacrifice he makes to ensure the authenticity of his content. Shaving every day is part of his routine, especially for characters like Mama Otis and Akoth, who do not have beards.

He explained that consistency in appearance is crucial for characters like Mama Otis and Akoth, as any change in their physical attributes could disrupt the audience's connection with them.

"I have to wake up every day and shave because it's part of my routine. Mama Otis doesn't have beards, and Akoth doesn't have beards. If they did then it means the character would change. They would not look the same anymore. That's a sacrifice I have to make every single day," he said.


By sacrificing the opportunity to grow a beard, Flaqo ensures that his characters remain recognizable and relatable to his audience.


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