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Elvis W with new back up plan after recovering TikTok account

Elvis and Llewellyn Ouya's content has divided social media users with some claiming they are doing a good job while others say they are in no position to offer life advise

Content creator Elvis W

TikTok creators Llewellyn Ouya and Elvis W have stirred up a storm with their thought-provoking content, garnering both praise and criticism from users across various platforms.

The duo, known for their engaging videos addressing topics ranging from personal finance to healthy habits, recently found themselves at the center of controversy after their TikTok accounts were unexpectedly banned.

A social media post calling out Ouya and Elvis for their content, labeling it as 'ignorant,' ignited a firestorm of debate surrounding the nature and impact of their messages.


Ouya's content focuses on urging viewers to abandon detrimental habits that hinder personal progress, such as gambling, while also offering insights into starting and managing businesses through his handbooks.

On the other hand, Elvis advocates for the adoption of healthy habits and the acquisition of new skills to empower young people's personal growth.

Despite their noble intentions, the duo's content has polarized social media users, with some applauding their efforts while others question their authority to dispense life advice.


Comments on their content range from praise for making a positive impact on society to criticism for allegedly spreading unnecessary pressure.

"Keep going, I'm listening 😊," one supportive user commented, while another praised their efforts, saying, "You two are making a positive impact in society."

Conversely, detractors have voiced their skepticism, with one user suggesting that the creators started doing it for the sake of doing and urged them to wake up and work.

"At first you guys were good but you started doing it for for the sake of doing na seminar haziishi,you two should wake up and work personally I know Elvis at a personal level na hizo vitu zote anasema hafanyi any am far ahead of him," another user said.


Undeterred by the backlash, Llewellyn Ouya and Elvis W remain steadfast in their mission to empower and educate their audience.

Elvis has since recovered his TikTok account and has also urged his followers to follow his platform on Telegram so that they still get content incase the TikTok platform disappears.


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