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Hyenas never tire - Keranta reveals challenges of dating Flaqo publicly

Keranta & Flaqo have been in a relationship for more than 3 years

Comedian Flaqo & his girlfriend Keranta

Content creator Winnie Keranta has shed light on the challenges that come with being in a high-profile relationship.

In an interview with Nairobi News on August 29, the 21-year-old, who is currently dating popular online comedian Flaqo Raz, shared the pressures of being a celebrity couple and the impact it has on their lives.

According to Keranta, navigating the intricacies of a relationship in the public eye can be overwhelming, as even ordinary activities can draw unwarranted attention.


She acknowledged that the scrutiny can sometimes affect their personal lives.

"Sometimes public freedom can be a challenge because doing normal fun stuff, that normal couples do, might end up on the blogs in a manner that wasn't intended."

Despite being open about their relationship, Keranta revealed that she still faces advances from other men.


"They still hit on me, those hyenas never tire," she sid. +

Throughout her career as a content creator, Keranta has encountered numerous rumors about her personal life. Among them, one particularly stood out to her:

"There are a lot of rumors about me. Some never reach me, but I once heard people say that I was seeing a white mubaba."


However, she maintains that her focus is entirely on her relationship with Flaqo and their happiness together.

While some fans genuinely root for their happiness, others belong to the 'mtaachana tu 'camp, hoping for a breakup.

Acknowledging the mix of sentiments surrounding their relationship, Keranta emphasised that they are conscious of these views and have chosen to disregard negativity.


"To the keyboard warriors, I say, keep charging your phone and typing like the warriors you are," she said.

She also believes that open communication is a significant step to build a strong foundation of friendship with one's partner.

Furthermore, she advised against using other people's relationships as benchmarks, emphasizing the uniqueness of each union.

“Communication and trust is key. Also, make your partner your best friend before anything else. Another thing, do not use other peoples relationship as a reference,” she said.


Keranta and Flaqo went public with their relationship in February and have been dating for three years.


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