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Cross-dresser Kinuthia & bestie Waweru clarify relationship status

Kinuthia and Waweru address relationship rumours

Kinuthia and Waweru

Contrary to popular belief, Kenyan content creator Kinuthia and videographer Waweru have clarified that they have a professional relationship and are not dating.

In an interview with YouTuber Kioko on Wednesday, the duo explained that they have been working together for a long time, and that's what connects them.

According to cross-dresser Kinuthia, they often shoot videos and create content together, leading fans to speculate about their relationship status.

"Si ni marafiki tu. Watu wanatuonanga tukiwa pamoja sana, becaue mostly we shoot together, we work together. So hiyo kushinda pamoja, mtu atafikiria vitu zake.


"(We are just friends. We are together most of the time. We mostly shoot and work together. So, this could lead someone to think about certain things)," Kinuthia said.

Kinuthia clarified that they do not live together and share content on their respective house tours on YouTube, which are two different places.

Meanwhile, Waweru confirmed that he is currently dating, but his partner prefers to stay away from the limelight. The rumours about him and Kinuthia dating have made his partner more camera-shy.


"I respect her private life... Si ati nimeoa, so it's not yet a good time kumuonyesha juu hayuko comfortable na ameniambia mwenyewe," Waweru said.

Despite a recent misunderstanding, the two remain best friends. On March 22, they unfollowed each other on social media and shared cryptic posts that suggested a fallout.

However, they later revealed that someone had been trying to drive a wedge between them.


Kinuthia expressed his belief that the incident was caused by someone unhappy about their friendship and wanted them to fight each other.

"There is someone who alikuja akaniambia staffs that Sam alikua anasema, akaenda pia akaambia Sam. I think it was someone who was trying to come in between us.

"(There is someone who came and told me Sam was telling some staff about me. He also went and told Sam. I think it was someone who was trying to come in between us)," he said.

He explained that he received false information that Waweru was not the person he thought he was, which prompted him to write the cryptic post.


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