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Fans speculate rift between Kinuthia &‘bestie’ after cryptic posts

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia and his videographer Waweru have left fans in speculation concerning the state of their relationship after sharing cryptic posts

Kinuthia and Waweru

Kenyan content creator Kinuthia and videographer Waweru have left their fans in speculation after sharing cryptic social media posts that suggest all is not well between them.

The two have been working together for a while, but their recent posts suggest their relationship may have hit a rough patch.

In his Wednesday Instagram post, Kinuthia advised his fans not to trust everyone, including friends and added that he is looking for a videographer.

Kinuthia also shared that he is moving on from whatever has transpired between him and the person in question.


"Anyway, we move on. Looking for a videographer to shoot a vlog on Friday. Hii dunia ina mambo, don't treat everyone as your friend. Some are not." Kinuthia wrote

On the other hand, Waweru shared a post that suggests people change when they no longer need your help.

"It's funny to watch people change when they think they don't need you anymore. Snakes eventually expose themselves.


"Some people were only friends because you saw them five times a week. It's Funny to watch people Changchange they think they don't need you anymore. Snakes eventually expose themselves," Waweru wrote

It is, however, unclear whether he was referring to Kinuthia.

Fans have also noticed that the two have unfollowed each other on social media, further fueling the speculations that all may not be well between them.


However, it is important to note that the two have not come out to confirm or deny the rumours.

In a previous interview with Mungai Eve, Waweru opened up about his relationship with Kinuthia, stating that it was purely a friendship and work relationship.

He further stated that people often question their friendship, but he ignores the negativity because he is optimistic.


"There are people who ask me if I have moved in with Kinuthia in his house, and I am usually telling them I only visit when we are shooting content and that I have my own place.

"Plus, I am a very positive person; therefore, when people question my friendship with him, I just ignore the negativity," he stated.

Waweru said he does not regret meeting Kinuthia and working with him because he has helped him grow as a content creator.

However, it is unclear whether their recent posts are an indication that their working relationship has come to an end.


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