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Crazy Kennar's generosity shines through in village project

Crazy Kennar is embarking on the project as a way to give back to his community

Crazy Kennar constructing church in his village

Content creator Crazy Kennar is giving back to his community in a big way by constructing a church in his village.

In an Instagram post, the funnyman shared his progress, stating, "Church building coming up one step at a time. In the coming months, we do the slab and raise the walls."

Langata Member of Parliament, Phelix Jalang'o was quick to laud Crazy Kennar's efforts, acknowledging his understanding of finding blessings.

"Hii sasa ndio iku juu...hii sasa ndio inabamba...hata hautajua baraka zinatoka wapi....


"[This is now on another level...this is now won't even know where the blessings are coming from]," Jalang'o said.

Crazy Kennar, whose real name is Kennedy Ombima, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his unique brand of comedy. However, he has also been actively involved in community projects, such as his church-building project, which he hopes will be a blessing to the people of his village.

The construction of the church is not only a gesture of goodwill but also a symbol of hope and faith for the community.


It will provide a place of worship where people can come together to seek spiritual guidance, solace, and support. The project will also create employment opportunities for the locals, who will be involved in the construction process.

Crazy Kennar's philanthropic efforts have not gone unnoticed, with many of his fans commending him for his selfless act of giving back. Here are some of the reactions :

mlusha_254 Wwe sasa utabarikiwa hadi watu waanze kufikiria uko illuminate


ruth.chep May goodness and mercies follow you. You are blessed and keep doing what you do best.. GIVING BACK! you will never lack in Jesus name

kelvin_muthin Maze.. Unlike other celebrities especially those who have more money than you. But you chose to do this to God☑️Son you're blessed heaven and on earth

caleb_chang1 🔥🔥🔥this is called giving back to the society 👏livelong content cartel 🙌.


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