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Dennis Ombachi explains why he turned down birthday gift from his wife

Ombachi and his wife Svetlana Polikarpova have two children

Dennis Ombachi and his wife Svetlana Polikarpova

Dennis Ombachi, popularly known as The Roaming Chef, while speaking to Capital Lifestyle in a Q&A, revealed that he turned down a gift from his wife Svetlana Polikarpova on his birthday.

Ombachi was asked about something that people don't know about him, and he honestly stated that he doesn't know how to drive.

He added that cars have never really interested him, despite having a stellar rugby career.


He further shared that he actually declined his wife's gift on his birthday when she offered him a voucher for driving lessons since he is not into cars.

Ombachi didn't provide further details about his wife's reaction after he declined her gift on his special day.

During the Q&A, Ombachi also disclosed that he wanted to be a policeman while growing up but that never happened.

"I watched so many cop- shows when growing up. I was always fascinated by the cops and cop life and how they saved everyone. They were always the heroes in the tv shows," Ombachi said.


Ombachi has certainly established himself as one of the best online chefs, gaining recognition on TikTok, although he has faced some challenging situations with his fans.

The Roaming Chef revealed that he was once invited by a group of ladies to prepare dinner for them, but he turned down the offer.

According to Ombachi, he stated that there is a line he cannot cross, and he does not provide such services.


Despite stating that he does not provide cooking services, Ombachi shared his aspiration of owning a restaurant in the future.

He emphasized that his intention is not merely to leave a social media account with numerous followers for his children, but to establish a meaningful legacy that will benefit them.

Ombachi currently has two children, a son and a daughter, and he doesn't hesitate to share about them on his social media platforms.


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