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WATCH: Diamond, Juma Jux & crew thrown into panic after elevator gets stuck

The singers could not help contain their fear and constantly made calls to get assistance from the lift which was running out of oxygen

Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian music sensations, Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux, experienced a terrifying moment when the elevator they were using suddenly got stuck.

Accompanied by their security team and crew, the stars found themselves trapped for several anxious minutes, desperately seeking a way out.

Amid murmurs and confusion, the group weighed their options inside the elevator, unsure of what action to take.

As tension escalated, the lights unexpectedly went out, intensifying their fear and prompting them to shout for help. In the darkness, they relied on their phone flashlights to navigate the confined space.


Feeling the urgency of the situation, they made frantic calls seeking immediate assistance, well aware that the oxygen in the elevator was gradually depleting.

Panic began to set in, and one of the men attempted to force the doors open out of desperation. However, Diamond quickly intervened, advising against using force where a more strategic approach was required.

Thankfully, after what felt like an eternity, the elevator hitch was eventually resolved. The relief was palpable as the team emerged from the confined space, sharing a collective sense of humour over who had panicked the most.


Taking to his Instagram, Diamond Platnumz used the harrowing experience as an opportunity to advocate for improved elevator maintenance in tall buildings.

He urged building owners to conduct frequent repairs and inspections to prevent similar potentially life-threatening encounters.

"Siku ya Leo mimi, Juma na wenzetu kadhaa tumenusurika kifo kwenye Lifti... Ndugu zangu wenye majengo marefu yenye kutumia Lifti tujitahidi kuzifanyia services hizi lifti zetu ili kuepusha madhara kwa Wananchi.


"[Today, Juma and several others, including myself, narrowly escaped death in the elevator... My brothers and sisters who own tall buildings with elevators, let us make an effort to regularly service these elevators to prevent harm to the public,]" Diamond wrote on his Instagram.


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