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Diana B reacts after finding her Nigerian doppelganger

From facial features to their overall demeanor, the similarities are striking, with fans noting the likeness

Diana Marua and her Nigerian look-alike

Rapper and content creator Diana B has sparked a wave of excitement among fans after sharing her reaction to discovering her Nigerian doppelganger.

The uncanny resemblance between Diana B and the Nigerian lady, identified as Qing Madi, has left many stunned, with fans pouring in their reactions and observations.

In a series of social media posts, Diana B expressed her surprise at the striking similarity between herself and Qing Madi.

Despite slight differences in size, fans were quick to note the striking similarities in facial features, height, and even lips.


"Wait A Minute!!!! I just got on set ready to film #HelloMrRightKenya and Everybaaaddy was like… 'Dee you have a TWIN,'" Diana B exclaimed in her post, sharing her initial reaction to the discovery.

"Yoooo!!!! I was like Wait, What??? Fam, Does @qingmadi from Nigeria look like #DianaB? Honestly, this one I kinda agree, from the side though," she added, marveling at the resemblance.

Fans flooded the comments section with their own reactions, expressing amazement and sharing their observations about the striking resemblance between Diana B and Qing Madi.


One fan exclaimed, "Ghaiiiiiii ata kidogo nishangae Leo see anaongelelea Asake," highlighting the shock and disbelief at the resemblance.

Others likened Qing Madi to Diana B's younger sister, noting similarities in facial features and expressions.

The discovery of Diana B's doppelganger also sparked comparisons to other social media personalities, with fans mentioning similarities to influencer Nairofey.


Observations ranged from physical features to body size, with fans astounded by the uncanny resemblance between the two individuals.

In the age and era of social media finding a doppelganger online is not unheard of, but it always brings a mix of excitement and curiosity.


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