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Diana Marua: I made out with another guy while my boyfriend was driving

Diana Marua disclosed the drama that followed after making out with another person during a road trip with boyfriend

Diana Marua

Bahati and Diana Marua, the power couple in the Kenyan entertainment scene, have never been shy about sharing intimate details of their marriage with their fans.

Despite facing criticism, they continue to reveal their deepest secrets, shedding light on their journey as a couple.

In a YouTube video shared on Diana Marua's channel on July 31, the couple engaged in a truth-or-dare game, giving their followers a glimpse into their past experiences.


Diana recounted a memorable road trip with her then-boyfriend, where she found herself caught in an unexpected situation.

While on the trip with four other ladies, Diana had been drinking and, as a result, was not in her usual state of mind.

In a daring moment, she started making out with another man who was seated next to her, while her boyfriend was at the wheel.


"That day it was my then guy driving. We were five ladies. I was seated behind, and we were drinking. I was out of my senses, out of character but in the mood. I started making out with another guy that I did not come with.

"I remember it was just drama after that. The boyfriend then was driving huko mbele. And then hio Mombasa nilikaa pekee yangu," she said.

In the spirit of honesty, Bahati also shared his biggest fear in his relationship with Diana. He openly admitted that he is afraid of being caught cheating by his fiery-tempered wife, humorously comparing her temper to that of the Kisii community.


He expressed his genuine concern, playfully remarking that he feared Diana might 'kill him' if she were to discover any infidelity.

"Unajua vile wewe huwa na hasira ya Mkisii, naogopa same unipate nikicheat. It is a fear. Utaniua," (You know you have temper like a Kisii. I am afraid of you fining me chatting on you. You may kill me)," he said.

In a recent event, the couple showcased their playful side, engaging in an unconventional celebration.


A video captured Diana dancing on top of a table while Bahati held her waist. Alongside them was comedian Terence Creative, who cheered Bahati on during the light-hearted moment.

The singer playfully crawled beneath his wife's legs as Terence held his head, adding an element of fun to the celebration.


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