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Nimpigie anunue nini? - Pierra Makena exposes her deadbeat baby daddy

DJ Pierra Makena revealed that she is at peace with her baby's father neglecting his parental duties.

DJ Pierra Makena

DJ Pierra Makena has spoken about her baby daddy for the first time in an interview with Milele FM's Ankali Ray.

Ankali was eager to learn about DJ Pierra's relationship with her baby daddy and appeared surprised while inquiring about his identity.

She even requested Ankali to remind her of the person, noting that she had already forgotten him.


She explained that he had not been in contact with their child and had not been a part of their daughter's life.

While discussing her baby daddy, DJ Pierra revealed that she would rather do manual jobs than ask him to love his own daughter.

Despite him being an absentee dad to their daughter, DJ Pierra openly expressed her respect for his decision because that is who he is.

"Kama ni kupush mkokoteni I would rather do it than beg a man to love his own flesh and blood. So for me if a man chooses not to be in the life of his child, that one sina hata shida kabisa,


"That is who he is and I respect that and I let him be, but I would never ever force. God forbid. That doesn't make me hate him coz that's who he is," Pierra said.

DJ Pierra concluded that she is capable of providing for her needs and that she won't reach out to the baby daddy to buy anything for them.


DJ Pierra denied claims of dating DJ Shiti and stated that she is single and searching, despite going on several dates.

While explaining further, she clarified that Shiti is a good friend of hers, and she would do anything for him if he were in need.

Pierra continued to express her views on marriage, emphasising that if she were to get married, she would need a deep and meaningful connection with her partner because she doesn't believe in divorce.


DJ Pierra Makena welcomed her first child in July 2016, an event she describes as the most wonderful and empowering experience of her life.

Her daughter, Ricca Pokot, is not only a source of joy but also a wellspring of strength for her.

What sets Pierra Makena apart is her pride in the unbreakable bond she shares with her daughter.

She is a devoted single mother who has successfully navigated the challenges of raising Ricca without her father in the picture.


This incredible journey began two weeks after parting ways with her daughter's father when she discovered she was expecting.

Despite their separate paths, Makena and her child's father maintain a level of mutual respect and understanding.

Makena's grace and maturity shine through as she refrains from speaking ill of him or tarnishing his reputation.

In a turn of events, DJ Makena and DJ Mo found themselves in the public eye amidst speculations that he might be the father of her child.


The conjecture was fueled by the striking resemblance between Ricca Pokot and Size 8's child. However, DJ Mo was quick to deny these claims and stood firm, stating that he could not deny his own flesh and blood.

Makena has chosen to shield Ricca Pokot's father from the public eye, keeping his identity a well-guarded secret.

However, she maintains an open stance, allowing him the liberty to reveal himself if he wishes.

This story reflects the complexities of modern relationships and co-parenting dynamics, showcasing the importance of respect and privacy even in the face of public scrutiny.


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