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Ebru TV actor Tony Sherman seeks Eric Omondi's help after job loss & eviction

After being evicted from his rented house, Tony Sherman was forced to sleep in the cold

Ebru TV Actor Tony Sherman

Kenyan actor Tony Sherman has reached out to comedian Eric Omondi, appealing for assistance during a challenging phase in his life.

In an interview with TUKO on August 27, Sherman who once graced the screens of Ebru TV opened up about the downward spiral his life took after losing his job.

This turn of events left him struggling financially, ultimately leading to his eviction from his residence in Pipeline.


With no place to call home, he found himself exposed to the harsh elements of the cold weather. His health deteriorated significantly, leading to a diagnosis of typhoid and pneumonia.

"I was kicked out of my house. I moved to my aunt's place, but I have been unwell. Life is unbearable here. I was diagnosed with typhoid and pneumonia at Paisley Hospital in Dagoretti Corner," Sherman shared.


Currently undergoing treatment at Paisley Hospital in Dagoretti Corner Sherman views Eric as a compassionate figure who is both approachable and likely to empathise with his predicament.

"I need Eric Omondi's support. He is a good person and I believe he will listen to my cry and rescue me. I just want to get back on my feet. I don't have a job. I also don't have the necessary equipment to start content creation," he said.

Eric Omondi is known for his funny jokes and hilarious skits, but in recent times, he has become known for something else – his philanthropic acts.


Omondi is using his platform to help those in need, and his actions have not gone unnoticed.

From paying hospital bills to securing the release of detained individuals, Omondi is slowly becoming a household name for his kind acts.

Apart from his kind acts, Eric Omondi has been actively pushing for reforms in various sectors, including the lowering of the cost of living by the government.


His efforts have led to him being arrested twice and charged with creating public disturbance.


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