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Eric Latiff's radio show idea Capital FM turned down, now a hit at Spice FM

Latiff, whose radio career spans over a decade worked for Capital FM for 13 years before he left to pursue personal interests

Spice FM Morning Show host Eric Latiff
  • How Eric Latiff joined Spice FM
  • Chris Kirubi's advice and a new opportunity
  • The birth of 'The Situation Room'

In the world of Kenyan radio, few shows have managed to captivate and engage audiences quite like Spice FM's 'The Situation Room'.

Known for its in-depth discussions on social, political, and economic matters, the show has become a staple for listeners seeking insightful commentary.

At the helm of this success are Eric Latiff, C.T Muga, and Ndu Oko, whose names have become synonymous with quality talk radio.


Yet, the journey to this point was not without its hurdles, particularly for lead host Eric Latiff.

Latiff, whose radio career spans over a decade, shared a vision for a talk radio show while at Capital FM that would run in the morning, a concept that was unfortunately shot down.

In an interview on the Utu na Uzalendo podcast, Latiff revealed how he ended up at Spice FM and how a similar show dubbed 'Talk 360' he had thought about having on the breakfast slot at Capital FM ended up as Spice FM breakfast show.


During this period of uncertainty at Capital FM, Latiff had discussions with the late Chris Kirubi, a media mogul, who advised him to embrace a Sunday slot for the show before convincing the team to consider it for a morning show.

Despite these efforts, the concept failed to take off as hoped at Capital FM, leading Latiff to ponder his next moves.

In 2018, Latiff received a call from Tom Japanni, the former head of Radio at Standard Group, inviting him to join an exciting new project.


Japanni presented Latiff with the opportunity to bring his concept to life at Spice FM, offering him the creative freedom and support he needed to succeed.

"In 2016, I was still working at Capital then I decided I wanted to take a break, I wanted to start my own agency a communications company, I still wanted to work with media but just part-time so I left Capital.

"In 2018, I got a call from Tom Japanni and he shared the idea for which I expressed interest in," revealed Eric.

With Latiff on board, 'The Situation Room' was reimagined and launched on Spice FM, quickly gaining traction and attracting a dedicated audience.


The show's unique blend of insightful commentary and engaging discussions resonated with listeners, solidifying its position as one of the most listened-to morning shows in Kenya.


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