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Eric Omondi's fundraiser nets Sh600K for smokie vendor after 'kanjo' raid

The fundraiser comes after Governor Sakaja ordered all the affected business people to be compensated with Sh10,000 each

Quinter Achieng's trolley which was destroyed during the raid by Nairobi County Askaris

The clash between Nairobi County Askari's and street vendors of smokies, boiled eggs, and samosas on Wednesday, October 18 sparked a heated conversation about the plight of small-scale business owners and the role of law enforcement in the city.

The raid left the streets littered with shattered glass, trampled food items, and a palpable sense of despair among the affected vendors.

Among those impacted was Quinter Adhiambo, a small business owner who not only lost her means of livelihood but also her entire day's stock.

Her unfortunate situation, however, did not go unnoticed. Popular comedian Eric Omondi sympathised with her and extended his support, rallying his social media followers for a fundraising initiative to aid Quinter's recovery.


The fundraising took place on Eric's social media pages and in an hour his fans had raised over Sh300K, a significant amount to raise in an hour. By Thursday afternoon, Eric had raised over Sh600K for Quinter.

"WAKIANGUSHA TUNAINUA!!! Last night we managed to Raise Sh556K in 3 hours for Quinter after City Council Disgracefully kicked and threw her stock to the ground. What the devil meant to break her God used to LIFT her. GOD WINS!!!" Eric wrote.

The overwhelming response from Eric's followers in just a few hours showed the power of collective empathy and community support in times of adversity.


As public outrage continued to mount, Nairobi Senator Sakaja intervened, denouncing the actions of the county officers and ensuring swift measures to address the situation.

He took responsibility for the appalling incident and announced compensation for each affected vendor.

"I have ordered the immediate release of all confiscated items, apologised to the traders, and personally compensated each of them to the tune of 10,000 shillings each," Sakaja declared in a statement released shortly after the incident.


Emphasising the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship between the authorities and the street vendors, Sakaja highlighted the necessity of addressing any regulatory non-compliance without resorting to heavy-handed measures.

"Even if the traders were operating without the required documentation, including a Medical Certificate from Public Health that every food handler must have for the safety of Nairobians, they did not deserve such treatment, and we are dealing with this internally," he asserted.


Different groups have also castigated the move by the county askaris terming it as inhumane and contrary to what the leaders promised.


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