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Eric Njoka shares 3 pivotal losses at the apex of his career & his inspiration

The former K24 journalist now works with Indian media outlet Wion News

Journalist Eric Njoka

In a world where the spotlight often shines on celebrities and stars, there are individuals who quietly navigate the tumultuous waters of their chosen professions, making an impact that goes beyond the glitz and glamour.

Eric Njoka, a seasoned journalist, embodies the spirit of resilience and determination that inspires us all.

For years, Eric has faced a barrage of challenges, both personal and professional, that would have broken many.

"I have had to fight back so many resentments, judgment, rebuke, undeserved hate," he says But instead of succumbing to the weight of these burdens, he chose to keep going.


One of the aspects of Eric's character that sets him apart is his dedication to his craft. Whether on or off the air, his serious demeanour and commitment to excellence have been his trademarks.

"I chose this career, and it chose me too, and I don't allow myself to be broken, so you shouldn't too," he says.

One of the most significant blows Eric faced was the loss of both his parents at the peak of his career. It was a devastating moment that could have derailed his journey. However, he persevered, demonstrating incredible strength in the face of adversity.


Then, tragedy struck once again when he lost his greatest support, best friend, and confidant just a year ago.

The loneliness that followed could have easily led him into a state of depression, but Eric's resolve remained unshaken.

"I lost both my parents at the peak of my career, I also lost my greatest support, best friend and confidant a year ago...I didn't allow myself to go into depression...but I felt and still feel alone," he said in his post.


Eric received an unexpected source of motivation. Someone admired his "super professional, amazing anchoring, and articulate charisma."

This validation, although not sought after, added fuel to his energy. It reminded him of his own worth and the impact he was making, even when the world didn't fully understand him.

"Someone said he admires my super professional, amazing anchoring and articulate charisma...That added fuel to my energy because I never seek validation for whatsoever...I say, I chose this career and it chose me too, and I don't allow myself to be broken, so you shouldn't too," he told his 100K followers.


Eric insists that success is not solely measured by fame or fortune. He no longer aspires to be a celebrity or star, but instead, he takes pride in his journey.


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