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Fans react to Karen Nyamu's cryptic message hours after Father’s Day

Wacha kupita kando Boss Lady - Fan to Karen Nyamu

Fans react to Karen Nyamu's cryptic message hours after Father’s Day

City Politician Karen Nyamu has stirred reactions this time over her celebration of Father’s Day, a day after it was marked worldwide.

As many honored the day on Sunday, Ms.Nyamu decided to hold off until Monday morning where she put out a message.

In her post, Ms.Nyamu did not make it clear whether she was celebrating baby daddy, Mugithi singer, Samidoh Muchoki or her father.

Wababa! Mkae mkijua tunawapendaga sana. I hope you had a great fathers day yesterday and i hope you felt appreciated by us through all our gestures to honor you. Mungu tu atuwekee nyinyi mzidi kua na sisi. Wish you all a productive week!,” wrote Nyamu on her page.


Fan Reactions

Samuel Qui: "I would have appreciated if you wished samidoh in person"

Lacoste KE: "Wacha kupita kando Boss Lady. Hii message ni ya Samidoh peke yake. Save time na mtumie kwa inbox yake.

Diana Bryson: "Lazma ugevaa kasweater kake ndo tujuwe you celebrated together"


Marie Njoroge: "Kabisa nyamu ya sammy"

Eliud Kihara: "Lakini Karen nikuulize si hako kasweater niliona samidoh nako?ama mmshaafika kwa matching outfits?"

Esther Muthoni Waweru: "Sometimes huwa unabore wababa Ni akina nani mm mtu najua ni Samidoh anajua Hadi kushika mtoi"

Maree Irungu: "Itabidii u repost dio wakuone macho. Inaweza kua haitoki kwa roho"


Karen and Samidoh tumultuous affair

In February 2021, Karen confirmed that the Kikuyu singer is the father to her son Sam Muchoki Jnr after months’ of speculations.

In March, Samidoh confirmed that indeed he had an affair with Karen Nyamu, which led to the birth of their son.

The singer said that he had put his family and himself in a bad situation, but has never left his wife of 11 years, for another woman.

He went on to state that he is a proud father and will always support his children in all ways.


Karen’s Apology to Samidoh’s wife

Still in March, Ms. Nyamu apologized to Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu following her involvement with her husband.

Speaking on Jalang’o TV, Ms Nyamu said that; “I’m really sorry for the anguish that I may have caused you, all along I thought you knew because your Husband told me you knew. No excuses, I am really sorry for everything”.


Nyamu went on to say that she has never met Samidoh’s wife but been involved in her projects to an extend of helping her secure a Sh9 Million tender.


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