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Harmonize's artist reveals why he returned his car after leaving Konde Gang

Killy left Konde Gang alongside fellow artist Cheed

Harmonize and Killy

Tanzanian singer and former Konde Gang signee, Killy, has revealed that he was forced to hand back his car after announcing his exit from the label.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Killy stated that he was forced to return the car, as it was registered under the name of Konde Gang and was not part of his contract. He further noted that all former signees were asked to leave their cars.

"The owner of the cars said we should leave them, what was I supposed to do? The cars were registered under the name of Konde Gang, and they were not part of our contract," Killy said.

After leaving Konde Gang, Killy deleted all his social media posts and announced that he was starting a new chapter.


"God is the greatest all the time Walahi, officially free now alhamdulillahi. My people, get ready for a new sound, new music, videos, new management, new money, new everything, but also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Let's go, guys, it's our time," Killy wrote.

Killy, who before joining Konde Gang was signed to Ali Kiba's record label Kings Music, affirmed confidence in bouncing back, noting that he was not new to the music industry and had even released music before his former boss, Harmonize, blew up.

"Killy was already around before becoming known anywhere. I started making music before being signed to a record label. I released my first song in 2015 when I wasn't signed to any label. Even the CEO of the label I recently left (Harmonize) had not yet released any songs or was known at the time," Killy said.


At Kings Music, Killy revealed that the contract between him and Ali Kiba was just verbal as the two were closer to each other from a young age.

"The agreement with Kings Music was just verbal. We didn't have any contracts because we lived like brothers. Alikiba is my brother, who has known me since I was young. He has known me since I was born. So we have known each other for a long time. It was not difficult for me to join Kings Music," he said.

Killy is behind songs such as 'Ni Wewe' and 'Vumilia'.


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