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Grace Ekirapa's Val's Day post that has silenced 'haters', fans can't keep calm

What Grace Ekirapa has shared on Valentine's Day that's stirring up conversations among her fans

Pascal Tokodi's wife, Grace Ekirapa

Former NTV host Grace Ekirapa has recently broken the silence surrounding rumors of her split from her husband Pascal Tokodi by sharing a heartwarming photo of the couple.

This comes after weeks of speculation regarding their relationship status. Reports surfaced indicating that the couple, who share a daughter, had encountered financial challenges leading to their separation and subsequent living apart.

However, the recent photo shared by Ekirapa suggests a different narrative.


In the image posted on February 14, 2024, the couple is seen sporting matching outfits, right down to their shoes.

Pascal tenderly holds Grace in his arms, both of them wearing smiles, while Grace holds a bundle of wrapped gifts.

The post was originally shared on Valentine's Day in 2023 but reposted in 2024, igniting excitement among fans.


The caption accompanying the 2023 photo hinted at Grace's love for shoes, with a playful request for Pascal to express his affection through matching footwear.

"My love language is shoes, so show me you love me by wearing matchy. My Valentine's date Pascal Tokodi," she wrote.

simplylinda91 Munatufanya tukae waongo


Fans speculate reconciliation between Grace & Pascal

franklin_musyoki Wadaku mtaficha wapi uso.... Next time mind your own business

maureeno_ke Yaaani udaku haitaki uzembe,sasa ona Mbuzi kama mkeka wambea tuketi wapi

kagenit Continue confusing us until we mind our own business, umbea classifieds failed us again. You look good together


The photo shared by Ekirapa follows a joint video posted on Instagram by Tokodi and Ekirapa on February 1, 2024.

The video featured the pair donning matching robes, with their daughter Ariah Jasmine making an appearance as well. This move has sparked speculations of a potential reconciliation between the couple.

While the video could be interpreted as a business collaboration, it's timing amidst separation rumours raises eyebrows. It marked the first public appearance of the couple since reports of their split surfaced online.


Despite the buzz surrounding their relationship, neither Pascal Tokodi nor Grace Ekirapa has officially addressed the rumors of their separation.

The couple has chosen to remain silent regarding the status of their marriage, leaving fans to speculate based on their social media activity.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa exchanged vows in December 2020, marking the beginning of their journey as a married couple.


Over time, they have shared glimpses of their life on social media, capturing the hearts of their followers with their love stories.


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