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How life has changed for Shuga Boy, 4 months after Mwashumbe left 'Maisha Asubuhi'

Mwashumbe left Shuga Boy at Radio Maisha where they hosted the station's morning show until March this year

Mwashumbe and Shuga Boy

Radio 47 presenter Emmanuel Mwashumbe has shed light on his awareness of his former colleague Shuga Boy's wellness after rumours that he is not okay.

During the launch of TV47's new studios, content creators inquired about Shuga Boy's welfare since their parting ways.

Mwashumbe and Shuga who identified themselves as the dynamic duo hosted the Radio Maisha drive show before they were shifted to host the morning show until Mwashumbe left the station.

According to content creators present, Shuga Boy was not doing well after Mwashumbe left the show they hosted together.


On whether he knew what his former colleague was going through, Mwashumbe said he had not reached out to him to see whether there were challenges.

"Itabidi nimtafute hivi karibuni niweze kuangalia kwa sababu gani anaumia maana bado yeye ni rafiki yangu nitamfuta nione ni vipi naweza kumsaidia," Mwashumbe expressed.

While content creators questioned whether Mwashumbe would consider pulling Shuga Boy to his new workplace, Mwashumbe affirmed that he was content working alongside his current co-host, Mkamburi Chigogo.


"Kwa sasa sina huo uwezo wa kufanya hivyo, na kwa sasa pia tuko sawa maana yule dada tunayefanya kazi naye, Mkamburi Chigogo pia yuko sawa, tunachapa shughli sawasawa," Mwashumbe clarified.

Explaining his decision to leave Standard Media Group for Radio 47, Mwashumbe revealed his yearning for fresh challenges and the need for personal growth.

He desired to push his boundaries and seek new opportunities that could enrich his career.

Apart from seeking personal growth, Mwashumbe acknowledged that the financial aspect played a significant role in his move to the new station, as he received an appealing offer that matched his aspirations.


"Nilikuwa nataka maisha mapya on radio na nilikuwa nataka kujichallenge, na pia unasonga ambapo fulusi iko," Mwashumbe shared.

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Mwashumbe and several of his colleagues, including Billy Miya, Mbaruk Mwalim, and Hassan Ali, departed Radio Maisha in March this year to embark on a fresh journey at Radio 47.


At Radio 47, Mwashumbe took up the reins of the morning show, co-hosting alongside the talented Mkamburi Chigogo.


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