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Phil beams maturity as he discusses parenting Leon & Njeri after split from Kate

Phil Director has shared a glowing account of fatherhood, months after announcing separation from Kate Actress.

Phil Director during a YouTube interview with Judy Nyawira 'Bi Mkurugenzi' posted on February 22, 2024

Philit Productions CEO, Philip Karanja, has allowed fans a rare glimpse into his life and parenting choices five months after separation from Pulse Fashion Influencer of the Year (2023) Kate Actress.

In an interview with his long-time friend, Judy Nyawira 'Bi Mkurugenzi', the 'Becoming CEO' host made it clear that he is an active dad for both Leon Kamau and Karla Njeri.

"I've been a father for eight years... to a teenage son and a four-year-old daughter na the dynamics [of parenting both] are very different," Phil Director introduced himself alongside a panel that included his friend and business partner Abel Mutua, comedian Timothy Kimani 'Blessed Njugush' and creative designer Sir Newson.


Phil admitted that when he first decided to be part of Kate and Leon's lives he wasn't prepared to be a dad, so he enrolled for classes to understand fatherhood.

He contrasted the experience with Leon to the moment when he held his daughter for the first time noting that he instinctively felt love and a sense of duty to protect her.

He agreed with his fellow panelists who stated that becoming a father often makes a man take less life-threatening and financial risks because their children depend on them.


Citing a memory of his late father, the 'Click Click Bang' director explained that he cherishes fun moments with his children.

"When I became a dad, nilijiambia that the one thing that will be constant in my life is play and fun with my kids because if that is what kids remember when we've left this earth, then I want them to remember that they had fun with dad. And to date, on weekends and with Njeri you will find me somewhere fun and memorable," he stated.


Phil went on to disclose that they regularly attend family therapy sessions with their children and he also sees a therapist by himself and this has informed many of his parenting choices.

"I want them [children] to be happy and healthy, because even for me, those are the most important things in life. And I hope they will have learned that from me... that your health matters so take care of it and more than anything else be happy, sometimes you have to make some hard decisions for you to be happy but they should always choose their happiness first," he emphasised.

Having been present for Kate's labour and the birth of his daughter, Phil declared that he has no immediate plans to have another child.

"I got to understand why the infant mortality rate in Africa is high... we could afford it so Mama Njeri had four people taking care of her [a gynaecologist, birthing assistant, paediatrician and paediatric nurse]. A lot of mothers can't afford such care... I don't know how or when but I'd like to do something about that one day," he shared.


Phil Director has mostly given measured responses to questions around his separation from Catherine Kamau and is generally reserved about discussions of his private life. The Thursday interview paints a clearer picture of his personal beliefs.


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